Turks and Caicos at 20% off

“Don’t believe the hype! The Turks & Caicos is open for business and ready to welcome you. Hurricanes Irma and Maria did not break us, nor steal our ability to love and serve. Our hotels, villas and restaurants have reopening and tour operators have resumed activities too. We are TCI Strong… and rebuilding stronger than ever. Come back soon! You’ll be happy to know that your stay with us will help rebuild our islands and return normal lives back to our people. We look forward to welcoming you to the Turks & Caicos, which will always be ‘Beautiful by Nature.”

These words from the TCI Tourism Office couldn’t be truer and, when it comes to villas, we’ve been open now for several weeks. Sure, for the last 2 months of so, we’ve lived on generators. But that didn’t stop our guests from having a great vacation. I must be honest though, being back on the grid is worry and noise free. It feels really good. Something tells me that from now on, owners will pay their expensive power bill with a smile…  I know, I will 🙂

We know travelers are weary and aren’t sure what they’ll find when traveling to the islands. Images that circulated were strong and many, many families were affected. We’re still helping beloved locals get back on their feet. But you know what? The best way to do this is getting back to business, giving them work and hosting visitors again. In a beautiful setting. Nature is pretty amazing and has a resilience and rebuilding capability we all wish we could harness.

Here’s a look at our villas, taken November 3rd.

We’re inviting you over with a once in a lifetime deal. Our villas with a 20% savings up to December 20th and all the enthusiasm and service you’d expect from a luxury, Caribbean destination.

Still not sure? Write us. Talk to us. I can even take you on a live, video tour around the property and beach. You won’t be disappointed.

Again, thanks to all who have encouraged and supported us through the unsure, trying times. We feel confident that this season will be one of the best.

With sincere regards,

Simon and the family