5 cool restaurants that both kids and parents will love on Provo

A local father-son duo recommends their favorite spots to nosh, nibble and hang-out while in Providenciales.

Fueled by a strong tourism industry caters to discerning travellers, Provo has developed a great dining scene over the years and now features over 100 venues for all tastes, budgets and occasions.

If you’re travelling with your kids, choosing a venue can sometimes be a little difficult. Sure, you’re footing the bill, but if you’re party grumbles along the way, it can put a damper on your dining experiences. We’ve been living on the island full-time for over 3 years so my teenage son and I have had plenty of time to scope out a few spots, and we thought this might provide a heads-up for your next TCI adventure.

Here are 5 places we love, in no particular order.

Bob’s bar

There’s something about live music that just enhances the mood and Bob’s delivers with a great band on Wednesday nights. The restaurant features at least a dozen good dishes, a nice grown-up bar and an enviable marina view. If your crew gets a little antsy during a lengthy meal, you can include a game of bocce ball and keep the whole family busy – but maybe not on Wednesdays (cool band of expats), since the place is packed with lots of hungry locals and tourists alike.

Coco Van

Coco Van is like a casual, friendly laidback cousin to our island’s reputed and fancier Coco Bistro. This quintessential summer hang-out features swaying palms and whimsical beach clichés that transport you to an island beat. Coco Van is a fun, affordable dining alternative with picnic tables and tasty food that’s served straight out of an Airstream kitchen.

Omar’s or Bugaloo’s (side by side)

Located in Five Keys, these local venues boast an incredible view that’s even cooler when you consider that you can eat and drink, with your feet in the ocean.

Omar’s Beach Hut

Bugaloo’s Conch Crawl

Conch shack

Part of travel is trying out local specialities and conch is definitely something to discover down here. This restaurant lives up to its name: conch is the star, though they have many other options, and the vibe is beach casual. Keep your toes in the sand, your eyes on the view and save a few dollars to buy some shiny conch on the beach.

Turks Kebab

We’re not gonna lie, we go to Turks Kebab for their Giro Sandwich (no. 14 on their menu), which is out of this world. The venue is nothing fancy, but it’s cozy, comfortable and friendly. For us, that’s often the best combination.

Turks Kebab restaurant in Provo


BONUS: Max and I also love The Deck, at the Seven Stars Resort, Mr. Grouper (their fish burgers are the best – no. 14 on their menu) and Somewhere Cafe for their sunset and snorkeling.

The Deck, at the Seven Stars

Want to know about Turks and Caicos from a teen’s perspective? Max helped put this kids article together when he was 11 and it’s still on point.

For more food and restaurant details, download our White Villas Restaurant Guide and feel free to ask any questions.

Hope you’re enjoying the summer so far. We are!

Simon, Pina and Max

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