10 reasons you’ll want to book White Villas for your family vacation in the Turks and Caicos

When we originally decided to settle and build on Provo, we found the perfect location near Long Bay Beach, a kitesurfing paradise. Naturally, we expected that at least half of our rentals would come from those who loved kiting, but a few years down the road, we’re surprised to see that most of our guests renting our villas are families, and they’re loving it! Our reviews have all been crystal clear; the White Villas set-up is ideal for family travel!

1. We’re a family renting to families

It may not seem that important, but as a family who owns and manages its properties on Provo, we have some real insight on what to do and where to go while you’re in the TCI. We moved here with our son Max who has become our kids consultant in terms of what’s fun for his generation on the island. 

2. Design

Choosing a warm, sunny destination usually means you’d like to spend time outdoors. In designing our villas, we wanted guests to be able to live outdoors as much as possible. Our living areas were created so you can be in the kitchen or dining area, while watching your kids play in the pool for example. You can comfortably spread out, each finding his own space, without ever losing sight of those requiring your supervision. It’s convenient comfort at its best.

3. Feeding your people

‘Mom, I’m hungry!’ Hear that a lot when you’re with your kids? Stocking your villa fridge gives you the freedom to choose what’s available for those stomachs that are always craving for more. Plus our villas have everything you need to be a BBQ king (or queen!) and enjoy great meals outdoors.

Don’t feel like cooking all the time? No problem! We’ve partnered with Caicos Catering. Simply visit this page to order on-line. Plus there are many family-friendly restaurants on the island!

4. Family-sized vehicles

Renting a vehicle while on Provo is a must and we’ve acquired great family-size vehicles that you can rent, at very competitive prices, straight through us. We leave your vehicle at the airport, with the keys in a locked box with a code. Land and you’re ready to go. Perfect for families again.

5. Wash and wear

You can pack huge suitcases, but you can also travel light and just throw everything in the wash while you’re here. This is especially convenient when it’s warm, sunny and you might be a little bit sandy at the end of the day. Keep it simple, dress down and enjoy being on holiday mode.

6. Safety

Safety can be a huge deal breaker when you’re choosing a destination for your loved ones. Fortunately, our island is safe and secure. Teens can easily go for unaccompanied walks on the 3-mile long beach, swim in the ocean and just hang out. It’s secure, they’ll feel empowered and you can rest assured it’s a quiet area. We also have security systems in all villas, that fortunately, nobody ever feels the need to use. 🙂

7. Family bonding

We’ve put together family boat excursions that are based on trips we’ve already done and offered to our guests. They’re tried, tested and hugely successful. A few fun water toys are included (skis, ZUB, tubes), plus we have 2 nice Sea-doos on hand as well.

Complimentary stand-up paddle boards (SUP) are really fun to use. We’ve acquired the inflatable kind, so you can roll them up, and head to Emerald point or Chalk sound. Our villas are also equipped with board games and we’re building an outdoor gym, playground and movie theater that will be ready in a few months.

8. Forget the mosquitoes

Being a little too tasty for mosquitoes can be a real downer during your vacation. Sometimes aggressive with children, mosquitoes are all over the Caribbean islands but luckily, Providenciales is dry and Long Bay Beach is windy enough to be highly inconvenient for mosquitoes. Ideal conditions to feel safe and not scratchy.

9. An island with so much to do

Snorkeling spots are easy to find and they’re very accessible. Beaches on the central north coast in the Bight and Turtle Cove areas offer several great snorkeling sites, such as the The Bight Reef (Coral Gardens) and Smith’s Reef. This is a 10-minute drive from White Villas. We invite you to read our post about the best beaches on Providenciales.

«We were busy and really took advantage of everything the island had to offer. We went parasailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, rented sea-doos and Tom tried kiteboarding. It was a water sport week for sure. Our teenage daughters loved the house and hanging in the pool and then walking to the beach because it was so close by.»
Wendy from Wisconsin, USA. 

One of our most popular documents is a 20-stop driving itinerary for Providenciales. We’ve put together a 2-day map of places we think are worth visiting and just how to get to all of them. Our guests find it super helpful. You can download it by following this link.

a guide to Providenciales10. Value

If several of you are traveling together, but you’re the only one ultimately picking up the bill, there’s clear value in renting a villa, stretching your budget and enjoying conveniences you wouldn’t have in a resort.

You can spend all your travel budget on an expensive oceanfront villa, or choose to rent a gorgeous place, with an oceanview and a beach that’s a very short walk away, allowing you to spend elsewhere, on fun add-ons throughout your vacation. We wanted to create a boutique hotel quality experience that rivals any all-inclusive resort, with all the pampering and extras, at a price that allows you bring the whole family.

« This was our first experience renting a villa and we’ll never go back to hotels or resorts as a family of 6. Hotels and resorts can’t guarantee us adjoining rooms and we don’t want to be apart on vacation. Also, we didn’t want to wrestle for 6 chairs together at the beach or at the pool every day. It was so private that we were able to do our own things without worrying about where our kids were in a big crowded resort.»
Jenna, mother of 4. New Brunswick, Canada. (Read Jenna’s full post here.)

And let’s certainly not forget…

As much as we’d love to say it doesn’t matter, it does. Sure we want to disconnect while on vacation, but it can be pretty convenient to access news, the office or just a few Netflix shows to entertain our crew. You may choose not to indulge, but it’s nice to know that you can.

And while we’re on the subject of the internet, if you want to see more photos, look for the white villas hashtag #whitevillastci on social media.

Vacation Rentals in Providenciales

Are you looking for the perfect vacation rental in Providenciales? Look no further than White Villas! We offer a wide selection of stunning villas, apartments, and condos to choose from, all located in the best beachfront locations on the island. Our team of experienced travel advisors is here to help you find the perfect rental for your needs, and we can even arrange for airport transfers and other services. Contact us today to start planning your dream vacation!

Click here to learn more about our vacation rentals in Providenciales: https://whitevillas.net/contact/.

We look forward to hosting your family. Any more questions, please don’t be shy!


Simon, Pina and Max

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