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Another all-inclusive option in the Turks and Caicos

Considering Beaches, Club Med or another all-inclusive resort? Look further…

White Villas, TCIIf you’re like most people, you probably spend hours surfing the web, reading and comparing reviews in order to secure the very best holiday. And you should. With the time and money invested in travel, you want to make sure you’ll be getting value.

This is where brands usually have the upper hand. All-Inclusive resort names like Club Med or Beaches Resort have been around for years. You’ve seen their ads, and maybe even have friends who’ve stayed there or experienced it yourself. Brands feel safe, because their names circulate and you feel confident in what you’re going to get.

It can be scary to choose an independent property, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to tell how Providenciales is NOT a mostly all-inclusive destination, how the White Villas all-inclusive concept is one of a kind, and why we repeatedly get 5-star reviews from families visiting from all over the world.

Isn’t White Villas like an AirBnB?

Although you can book through AirBnB (or VRBO), we are not a typical rental and it’s important to clear this up. Guests wanting to book one of our villas often have relevant concerns and questions:

  • Who manages the property?
  • Can we rely on maintenance, service, and guidance while we’re there?
  • Is it safe?
  • Will we have things to do and amenities to enjoy?
  • Are you well located?

Allow us to explain.

Who manages the property?

White Villas is a cluster of 10 vacation homes that are maintained by the owners Simon and Karim who practically live next door, and their employees.

Can we rely on maintenance, service, and guidance while we’re there?

Absolutely! Just like a hotel, anything that requires maintenance is immediately repaired or replaced on site.

Also, consider us your local connection. First, we know the destination like the back of our hand and provide loads of resources to help you plan outings. We also make things super easy for our guests by offering our own car rental service, boat tours, property chef, beach set-ups on Long Bay and Grace Bay, and much more. With a slogan like ‘More than a villa’, we make sure everything is covered, and convenient.

Is it safe?

Completely. Providenciales is among the safest destinations on the Caribbean and our villa collection is no exception. Read about safety here.

Will we have things to do and amenities to enjoy?

beach TCIOur homes are designed for families to enjoy the very best of the Turks and Caicos. Every property has its private pool big enough for swimming, play and wading in the water. Outdoor and indoor dining and living areas, a fully equipped kitchen, access to a property chef, and amenities like beach chairs, SUP boards, snorkeling equipment and bicycles add to the mix. White Villas offers much more than villas indeed.

Are you well located ?

Very. That’s in fact one of our greatest assets since everything is nearby. An easy drive from the airport, a short stroll from Long Bay Beach (3 minute walk) and only a 5-minute drive from award-winning Grace Bay Beach. Grocery or drug stores are also close-by (5 minutes away). It’s easy to drive around the island, there’s parking everywhere and you’ll love the independence.

What about the food?

Private Chef at White Villas

Meals play a huge part in our mental burden and this is partly why all-inclusive resorts sound so appealing. No cooking, no cleaning, no stress, right? Yes, and no. It depends on how much freedom you want. If a resort handles the food part, you still face line-ups, reservations, scheduling, dress codes and more. Sure, you’ll want to dine out a few times and we encourage you to do so. The White Villas restaurant guide helps you pick and choose the top spots you won’t want to miss. However, know that our unique property chef concept also allows you to reserve varied and well-selected meals you’d like, and have them served to you at your villa. Because our chef serves all our villas, you’re getting private chef services at restaurant rates.

It’s your vacation and you want to be certain that everything is going to be great! We understand. We want the same thing, and guarantee we can deliver.

Simon, Pina and Max

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