Easy, breezy Turks and Caicos

Want effortless, uncomplicated travel to one of the world’s most spectacular Caribbean destinations? TCI couldn’t be easier.

Super simple sun and sand

In a recent blog post featured on our Tourism Bureau’s website, we mentioned several reasons why it’s convenient to travel to the Turks and Caicos. And to support the ‘super simple’ travel vibe promoted by local authorities and travel specialists around the world, we’ve personally designed villa experiences that are just as smooth and seamless as the destination itself.

Here’s a quick list of the many ways we make your vacation easy as pie.

Getting to Providenciales

If you’re travelling from the United States or Europe, flights to TCI abound and many are direct. Regular flights depart from Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Houston, Washington and Toronto, to name a few. And if you’re located in Europe, one-stop flights take you from London to Provo. In many cases, it’ll take you less than 4 hours to sight the bluest ocean and bright white sand.

Moving about on the island

Regular travellers know landing at an airport doesn’t necessarily mean fast tracking it to your hotel or villa. Land transportation is often slow and though you’re anxious to get to your final destination, it’s common to experience delays and hold-ups. We don’t want that for you. First, our villas are under 20 minutes from the airport. Plus, we rent our own well maintained vehicles, parked and ready to go as soon as you are.

Eating well

Food and drink are certainly one of the joys of travelling and great destinations have great venues. TCI is no exception. With loads of delicious offerings and a complete, high-quality grocery store just a stone’s throw away, there are plenty of options to enjoy your favorite foods. And if your villa is just too comfortable, know that you can stay in and hire our permanent chef for some of the finest in-house dining on the island.

Booking activities and services

We know it can be hard to choose between a villa and an all-inclusive when all you want is simplicity. With this in mind, we created a unique all-inclusive-like villa experience where you can easily book anything and everything with just one person. From car rentals to boat tours to reservations to kite surfing and anything in between, we’ve built our own full service experience that keeps things efficient and easy.

Getting advice, help, recommendations and a local point of view

We live next doors. And as a villa guest, that means you have quick, knowledgeable, updated information and intervention when or if you want or need it. Think of it like staying at a good friend’s home. Someone who wants you to have the greatest time, will step in to help and will also respect your bubble, your privacy and your beat.

Socializing and being understood

Sure, it’s great to travel to foreign lands and step way out of your comfort zone. But you know what else is amazing? Carefree travel where there’s no effort required. It’s just pure rest and relaxation. Everyone speaks English on our island and you can engage in easy conversation at any time, in any context. No stress. No dictionary. No misunderstandings.


Credit cards are accepted everywhere and we operate in US dollars. No calculating, no haggling and no wondering if you’re getting the conversion wrong. Straight and simple.

Going to the beach

We probably should have named the beach up at the top, but we saved the best for last. An easy 3 minute walk takes you to the whitest sand and the bluest water you’ve ever seen. Complimentary beach chairs and a SUP are already there for you.

Summarizing it all, we’d just say it’s an effortless villa experience that gives you privacy, with the delightful ease of a full service resort. Plan your days the way you want them, indulge in whatever makes your people happy and go at your own pace.

Simon and Karim

Karim and Simon

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