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What to consider when planning a family vacation

After an imposed travel hiatus, you’d like nothing more than to plan some time away with your people. And though the idea of a family getaway sounds wonderful, you also know finding the perfect place for everyone in your family isn’t always a piece of cake. Consider these things before you book that long-awaited family vacation.

Where should you take your family?

For obvious reasons, this is where you’re going to start.  And it’s a big deal, because getting everyone on board means you’ll have less resistance along the way. Choose a destination and accommodation that works for your family unit. Try to choose a place where everyone finds something fun to do, that also makes you feel safe, secure and well-served. To get started, head online and look for destination posts that specifically address family travel. Here’s an example of what you’d be looking for : Easy, breezy Turks and Caicos.

Is it a family destination?

Depending on your travel style and your children’s ages, it might be important to know what activities and services cater specifically to families. It’s also a good idea to build a list of things you all like to do, making a point to highlight what you like doing together. Do you have bucket lists? Can anything be combined? Is there an opportunity to do something unique? 

With the help of our son Max, who was 11 at the time, we wrote about taking the kids to the Turks and Caicos. Helpful for families, this exercise was also an eye-opener for us to understand what activities put the biggest smile on his face.

Max kiteboarding in TCI

How easy is it to get there?

If you’re a parent, you know that the joys (and work) of family travel start the minute you book. After all, the journey sometimes requires almost as much planning as the destination.


When travelling with kids, short is best. Keep things simple, by looking for a destination with direct flights or trying to keep connections at a minimum. Some airlines offer perks for kids, but the safest bet is to plan for entertainment, snacks and rest periods, whenever available.

Prepare your kids for travel

Whether you’re travelling for the first-time with a baby, taming wildly excited toddlers or travelling with older, more experienced offspring, make sure you’ve got everything needed to make transit as carefree as possible. In our experience, games, electronics, books and snacks usually cover the bases.


Though we encourage you to prepare for travel with your kids, know that our villas are equipped to help you minimize the packing. We’ve done our homework and made sure every accommodation has everything it takes for a family to feel at home. And speaking of convenience, let’s discuss accommodations.

Choosing a family accommodation

Different families have different styles, but during your vacation, we think we can all agree that parents want to connect. We could direct you to the 10 reasons you should book us for your family vacation, but since the time we wrote it, there’s been the matter of that worldwide situation who’s name we don’t want to say out loud. Safety has become central in where we go, and there’s a definite upside to choosing a villa for your family vacation.

When is a good time to go


The best time is whatever works best for you. Between school, sports, work and personal obligations, everybody has their own rhythm. When you find a moment that works for you and your family, see what destinations seem the most appealing.


First, consider the seasons. Are you summer travellers? Do you like to make spring break special? Perhaps you choose the Holidays to get away and celebrate as a family? Or maybe the shoulder season appeals to you most.  Whatever season works best, check on the weather.


Most destinations experience fluctuating weather and though for some, that’s perfectly fine, if you’re betting on a beach vacation, you’re going to want some sunshine. At the risk of sounding like a pitch, the Turks and Caicos registers roughly 325 days of sunshine per year. We’ll let you do the math on how safe a destination it is, weather-wise.

Sunny day in TCI

Family vacation logistics

Behind all the snapshots filled with smiles, there’s the matter of how you make things happen.


Figuring out how much you want to spend can also help you determine which destination you’ll pick. This matter can also be related to planning, because seasons and sales may impact your overall travel budget.

Getting around

Once you’re in a destination, how are you going to move around? It’s one thing to wing it when you’re alone, but once you’re with the kids, you want safety and ease. We know what it’s like and offer a convenient and competitive car rental service that caters to families


If the word “safe” has taken on a whole other meaning over the past 2 years, there’s also the concept of freedom and security while you’re visiting a destination. TCI was and still is a very safe destination. Know that you can confidently entrust us with those who matter most. 

We hope this helps guide you somewhat in making that next family vacation decision. As a family serving other families, we know how important “down time” is and we do everything in our power to make it worth it. 

Simon, Pina and Max

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