Why Providenciales is a great destination for seniors  

Senior travel and multi-generational family adventures have grown in popularity. Here’s why you should choose Providenciales for the next family vacation, that includes your favorite elders.

You’d like to invite the grand-parents (or they’re inviting you!) but before picking out a spot, it’s normal to want to make sure the destination will work for them. After all, everyone should have a good time. Here are a few things to consider, if you’re coming to Providenciales with older travelers that might want, or need, additional care and comfort.

Guaranteed great weather

Provo is gorgeous year-round. Seriously. Contrary to many sun destinations that deal with heavy rains and excessive heat, we’re a stable place to visit. Our government has documented over 340 sunny days per year, and an average 82 degrees Fahrenheit, which means you can’t go wrong. If you have a flexible schedule, the shoulder-season is always nice (spring or fall), but if you want to bring everyone along, you may need to coordinate with school holidays, and that’s a great time to come as well. 


The Turks and Caicos are close enough to the US, that you can find direct flights from several major cities. And even when this isn’t the case, connections are easy and flights are short. Once you land, if you’re staying with usyou really should 🙂 book your vehicle and we’ll have a very comfortable Dodge Caravan waiting at the airport when you walk out the doors. The villas are only 20 minutes from the airport, and you’ll be comfortable to visit the island with your folks.


Even the most adventurous of travelers wants to keep his people safe. Providenciales is a vacation destination where everyone feels safe. Because tourism is so important and vital to our local economy, we make sure all visitors feel welcome, secure and free to roam about and enjoy the island’s many virtues. In fact, recent statistics show the Turks and Caicos are among the safest islands in the Caribbean.


A villa with a main floor bedroom is ideal. After building our first villa, where all bedrooms are located on the second floor, we decided to create subsequent villas with a poolside annex that’s ideal for older travelers. It has its own bathroom, large windows and offers additional privacy from the main structure. When we host three-generational families, the grand-parents love their space and privacy right there, beside the pool.

Villa 1: 2 bedrooms house for rent

Calm waters

There’s nothing nice about someone getting knocked down by a rowdy wave. Thankfully, our waters are calm and ocean’s soft, sandy bottom is a delight for the feet. What’s more, you can walk out quite far, without the water getting too deep, too fast. This makes the beach enjoyable for everyone. If some of you prefer a nice, tranquil pool, that’s fine, too. Our villas are only a two-minute stroll away. If you enjoy day trips, Provo offers several beautiful beaches to discover, all with favorable swimming conditions and year after year, millions of Tripadvisor users list Grace Bay Beach among the world’s most spectacular places to dig your toes in the sand.

Medical attention

Nobody plans on getting sick when they travel, and luckily it rarely happens. That being said, it’s still reassuring to know you’ll be visiting a modern destination with excellent medical services and drugstores that are familiar with North American medication names and doses. 

A North American family who knows what you want and expect

We moved our family from Canada to Provo so we could properly run our villa project. Our standards are high, just like yours. This means  you can rely on clean space and a fully-equipped villa with everything functioning properly. Plus, you’ll always have a sense of safety, because it’s important to us, and we know it probably matters to you, too. Basically, we want you to have an amazing time, and we do everything in our power to make sure every guest is happy and thrilled with their overall experience.

Providenciales is already a popular destination for family travel. In fact, most of our guests are families. We’d love to have your family come and experience Turks and Caicos, together. 

Warm regards,

Simon, Pina and Max

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