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Spring Break in The Turks and Caicos

Stressed out about spring break? Plan a vacation in a destination that everyone will enjoy and remember for years to come

For many parents, the term ‘spring break’ means anything but respite. Children don’t magically occupy themselves, and anyone with good intentions knows that trying to pry your kids away from the comforts of home base, or planning fun, carefree entertainment can quickly drain the most enthusiastic supervisor.

But what if this year, you went all out? What if you pulled everyone out of their routine (including yourself), changed the weather, upgraded the scenery and made it magical and memorable? What if this became the best week ever?

Over the last few years, many families have chosen our villas to rest and reconnect. Here are the 4 reasons, we (and they) think it was a great idea.

Sound minds, active bodies

If your kids are like most, they sit in class a good part of the day, then too often jump on a device when they walk through the door. Unless they actively participate in some form of organized sport, chances are you’d love to get them moving a bit more. This is where our destination comes in. When the weather’s great and you’re far from normal triggers, it’s easier to change habits. Here, it’s simple to get out and about, move, swim, snorkel, paddle, cycle, walk or run. Activate the brain, energize the body and come home with renewed gusto. 

While there’s plenty to do on Providenciales, but if the thought of all that is too much, remember that a great pool and outdoor set-up also provides hours of magical self-entertainment. 

Family bonding

You see each other daily, but with busy schedules and life’s fast pace, you don’t always have the time or energy to just hang out. Before you know it, your tiny tots are all grown up and ditching family plans to go out and create moments of their own. Make time to connect. Talk. Laugh. Play. Cook. Invest in time to do whatever it is that you like to do with your people.


At the end of the day, we mostly remember who we were with, and how we felt at any given moment. Vacations are notorious for building great memories. Conversations around a new, exciting dish, trying a sport or activity together for the very first time, silly photo opps, late night games, and even the travel itself; planes, trains and automobiles.

Safe and sound

We know by now you’re tired of hearing about it, but there’s the question of that horrible virus making it stressful, and sometimes dangerous, to mix and mingle anywhere, anytime. This is where a private villa makes a world of difference. Being with your own bubble, without having to dodge other travelers, has become one of the greatest luxuries of all.


If times have changed, there are benefits and opportunities to this new era. Spending time with our inner circle, strengthening relationships, enjoying each other’s company and celebrating how fortunate we really are.


Our family would love to host your family and give you the break you could all really use.


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