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The top 5 questions we get as villa hosts on Provo

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Renting a villa is different from going to a hotel. In many, many ways it’s simply amazing, and once you experience the contrast, you may never go back. At least not, when professionally managed villas are an option. If you’re already an AirBnB traveller or a VRBO aficionado, you understand the pros of securing your own space, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions and concerns, before settling on a vacation rental. Here are a few questions we always get asked and how we typically respond.

1. Food! Will we have to eat out all the time, will cooking be easy and will we find everything we need for great meals?

When on vacation, who doesn’t think about the next great meal, where and what they’re going to feed their family or how to find that perfect spot for a tasty sunset cocktail? Even in ‘real life’ we spend so much time planning and prepping for mealtime. With over 100 dining venues and well-stocked grocery stores, Provo delivers whatever you want and need on holiday. To help you out, we originally published our Wining, dining and feeding your crew article. Then, we decided to take it further and create a helpful restaurant guide, based on our own experiences and that of our past guests, plus a detailed write-up on grocery options on the island. We figured you want to spend your time actually dining, more than googling restaurant lists and trying to find good places to enjoy your meals. Our restaurant guide is available in downloadable PDF format if you follow this link.

family travel in Turks and Caicos - Horse Ride2. Is this a family destination; will we get bored?

Although, we do host couples, honeymooners and intimate weddings, most of our guests are families. Couples with young children, parents with teens or older kids and tri-generation family gatherings. The villa is a perfect bonding set-up where you can spend as little or as much time together as you want, without dealing with crowds or cramped public spaces. And as far as getting bored? Not a chance. If there’s one thing about Provo⁠, aside from its stunning ocean⁠, it’s all the activities you can partake in, water-related or not. We’ve written on this subject, but some of our past family guests have contributed as well. For now, here’s information on our own unique boat tours and a few articles you may want to consult:

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3. How do we get around if we’re not staying at a resort?

Part of the beauty of renting a villa is the freedom to build a vacation that actually reflects your lifestyle. Going where you want, when it’s convenient, and doing what you feel like, when the timing is right. Perhaps you plan to stay at the Villa and just unwind. That’s completely fine and very enjoyable. You won’t lack for anything! But if you want to venture out, Provo is a small island with lots of stunning viewpoints you may want to discover. We make it simple to rent a reliable vehicle and explore. In fact, we’ve mapped out a two-day driving itinerary that takes you to some of our favorite spots. You can download it right over here.

4. What about the weather?

Three hundred and twenty five. Yes, you read correctly, the Turks and Caicos boast an average of 325 sunny days per year. That means, you’re pretty much assured it’ll be bright, warm and beautiful during your stay. Bonus: we’re in the Longbay beach area where it’s breezier, refreshing on hot days and perfect for chasing away any annoying mosquitoes.

5. Should we be concerned about safety?

Recent news regarding some scary happenings in other Caribbean destinations may have you concerned with the safety of our island, but rest assured that we are a very safe, low-crime destination. For specific details, consult our blog post titled Safety in the Turks and Caicos.

We hope the answers to these commonly asked questions help give you a better idea of Provo and give you the urge to visit. Please let us know if there are any lingering concerns and we’ll be happy to send a quick reply.

Sunny regards,

Simon, Pina and Max

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