Traveling with a baby or toddler: It’s easy to visit the Turks and Caicos

Safe, hassle-free travel without having to pack everything you own

When it’s time to book that beach vacation you so desperately need, the thought of traveling with a baby or toddler can be both exciting and overwhelming. While tiny humans make inexpensive, flexible travel mates, there’s always the question of all that stuff you feel you’re going to need, in order to cover all the bases.

When we originally designed and built our first villa, family gatherings were top of mind. Moving to the Turks and Caicos with a child ourselves, we knew how important it would be to have the basics every parent wants for his or her offspring.

Holiday gear for babies and toddlers

When you think of your kids, safety always comes first. Where will they sleep, play and ride? How much, or how little, will you need to entertain, watch or worry? If the whole point of our business is rest and restoration, we had to make sure parents weren’t concerned about installations for their young ones.

Beach and sports equipment for kids

Traveling to the Turks and Caicos means putting water—crystal clear turquoise water!—at the forefront of your activities. To fully enjoy this, we’ve made sure our families have access to smaller snorkeling equipment and life vests.

Then there’s the question of pool and beach toys. When you’re home, you can easily pile in a few plastic pails and shovels, or even a couple of inflatables, and you’re set. When flying, this isn’t the kind of stuff you want to pack, and we get it. Know that your kids will have things to play with, which means you’ll only have to play entertainer if you want to.

picnic at the beachAnd while on the subject of beaches, know that for younger kids, super close Long Bay Beach is very safe. So is Taylor Beach, if you want to explore other spots. Now, if you’re heading to the beach, there’s still the question of carrying things around. We’ve thought of that, too. Our spot on Long Bay beach is already set-up with long chairs, a picnic table, and shade. We also work with a service that can set-up your spot on other beaches for a cost – and free on Grace Bay for our guests only.

playground for kids at White VillasA villa designed for family fun

As previously mentioned, our villas were designed for families. From the outdoor play area and theater, to the shallow section of the pool which is located right next to the kitchen, we’ve made sure you can comfortably watch your children, while also enjoying the downtime.

Food for finicky eaters

Kids can be fussy eaters. And while this isn’t true of all children, know that restaurants on the island have children’s menus, accommodate smaller appetites and greet families with open arms. White Villas also offers a chef’s package that covers as many meals as you’d like, served in your own villa, at great prices, without foregoing quality. Some guests choose to book all meals, all week, others select a few evening services, while others order here and there, depending on their planned activities.

A Peace of Mind baby package

To complement all the perks listed above, we designed our Peace of Mind Baby Package to include all the essentials you’ll want if you’re traveling with a baby or toddler.

Secure a certified baby car seat for your rental. We’ll have it safely installed in your vehicle, waiting for you at the airport when you fly in. You’ll also have a high chair to make meal-time much easier, a play pen for safety and freedom, plus a pull-out mattress that slides from under your king bed, for smaller sleepers you’d like to keep close by.

You may also be traveling with older kids and even the grand-parents. If your crew covers several age groups or generations, consult the blog posts below. They’ll help you get started on your planning.

Hope to see you soon!

Simon and Karim

Karim and Simon

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