Why Villas in Turks and Caicos Are Great for Multi-Generational Family Travel

Multi-generational travel is gaining in popularity, but agreeing on the right place to stay can be a challenge 

You’ve finally found a time when everyone in your family can vacation together. Grand-parents, teens, your busy spouse, everyone is on board! Now, you may have also agreed on the type of vacation you’re going to shop, and a beach holiday is on the radar. Sounds great! Now where you do you start looking? 

If your travel group spans 3 generations, chances are you don’t all have the same needs, expectations and goals. This usually makes it hard, and expensive, to settle on a resort. What if you could book a gorgeous villa that pleases everyone in your party? The kind of place that’s so beautiful and well-appointed,  you’d move there in a heartbeat if you could? 

We originally published 10 reasons you’ll want to book White Villas for your family vacation early in the year, but here’s why we think we have the perfect multi-generational family vacation rental villa:

Shared space with room to breathe

Among the reasons to rent your own place, not having to share public areas is often top of the list. Sure, you want to be together, and it’s the whole point of travelling as a group, except, you want options and the opportunity to retreat or take some time for yourself, away from the family bonding. Our villas were designed to comfortably accommodate families, with enough space to make everyone happy. 

For example, our outdoor movie theater, gym and playground make common areas fun for both adults and children, while our private pools are perfectly positioned for a watchful eye. 

Meals that everyone can enjoy

You could go out to eat or scope restaurants your entire holiday, but when you’re in a group, it can be hard to coordinate everyone’s tastes, and hunger pangs. The beauty of a family villa is you can stock the fridge. And filling those shelves means freedom for everyone to nibble when needed. Isn’t that part of what a vacation’s all about?

Schedule. What schedule?

Contrary to a hotel or resort, your multi-generational family villa rental doesn’t have any schedules you need to follow. Early riser? Great. Have that first sip of coffee on the terrasse, at the crack of dawn. Late sleepers? That’s fine, too. No restaurant hours to follow and you can eat whenever you want. The point is, you’re free… to do what you want, when you want to. 

Use our sup gear

Use our sup gear

Activities for everyone

Worried it might be boring? Don’t be. The island offers so many activity options, everything is within 5 to 10 minutes and easy to get to. We’ll guide the way, so you can plan as much, or as little movement, as you like.

To make it easy, we offer our own chartered boat and jet ski tours, right from our beach and you can rent a comfortable, family-sized Grand Caravan, and have it waiting at the airport when you land. Not sure where to go? Download ‘20 stops you have to put on your list’ a popular reference doc that we created featuring a map, driving directions and a description of some of our favorite places on the island.

the 2 bedrooms luxury house poolPrivacy

If you live in a world where hustle and bustle is the norm, you’re always surrounded by others. Whether it’s traffic, business, schools, groups or any other of life’s realities, getting away from crowds is an efficient way to recharge. Having a place all to yourselves, without the chitter chatter of the next table, or sunbeds placed in close proximity to one another, helps conversations flow. Enjoy your own private pool and outdoor living area in a spacious, beautifully landscaped, secluded environment, then decide to be social, when or if you want to, by heading out and scoping busier spots on the island.


Resorts sometimes offer adjoining rooms for families travelling together, but it you can have the kids in their own room, without worrying about safety or what they’re up to, why not consider it. When you rent a family vacation villa, like home, everyone can have his/her space, under the same roof, without any strangers staying in neighboring rooms. Bonus: if the people in the adjoining room are too noisy, you can comfortably intervene. 😉

The White Villas collection includes several intimate properties, with beautiful fencing, great lighting and owners that keep a discreet, watchful eye on their area. You have full privacy, without compromising safety

Like home, only better

Perhaps you’re concerned about not having everything you need, and not having a concierge service to handle it. Not a problem. First, we equipped our villas like they were our home. We’ve covered every base and gone beyond. What’s more, since our opening, any comment or request we’ve received from guests has helped us add-on, tweak and make our offer even more complete. We’re often told by guests that they’d love to live in our villas full-time, and that’s the best testament to what you can expect while staying with us. 

the 3 bedrooms house rentalDesigned for elderly travellers

Concerned about older family members having to climb stairs? Don’t be. Some of our villas were designed with multi-generational family travel in mind, and offer an easy-to-access first floor, pool-side adjoining bedroom with everything they need for added comfort and care. Limited mobility shouldn’t leave anybody out of the travel experience.


We saved this one for last, but it’s certainly not an afterthought. Just because you can afford a great holiday, doesn’t mean you want to overspend. Everyone wants the best bang for their buck and the value we can offer is unsurpassed. Why pay for multiple resort rooms, when you can rent one family vacation villa and accommodate everyone you love in one, private space. 

Some of our guests agreed to answer questions about their stay, helping future guests know more about the villa experience. Here are two relevant posts you can view to further explore the possibility of multi-generational travel to the Turks and Caicos and choosing to stay in one of our family vacation villas:

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Hope you’re enjoying the summer so far. We are!

Simon, Pina and Max

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