The powers of Vitamin Sea

Why spending time at the beach is beneficial to your health

“The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.” — Robert Wyland

Don’t you love it when you instinctively know that something makes you feel amazing, and then science actually confirms that fact? And though we always knew how great living on Provo makes us feel, it’s also nice to know we’ve created a space where others can come and benefit from the restful, yet recharging benefits of the sea. You may not live here, but spending time at the beach is known to help people reboot and refresh, and we can all use some of that.  

The blues

You probably already know that colors can affect our mood. In fact, color specialists have sprouted everywhere to help brands define their colors, matching hues with values. Several ancient cultures, including the Egyptians and Chinese, practiced chromotherapy, or the use of colors to heal. Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as light therapy or colorology and is still used today as a holistic or alternative treatment.

Blue, for example is used to soothe illness and treat pain. It’s also known to relieve your stress. Reflecting the sea, and the color of a clear sky on a wonderful, warm afternoon, color psychologists confirm that blue has a natural power to make humans feel relaxed, calm the mind, slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety. Now why are we talking about blue? If you’ve seen images of the Turks and Caicos, you’ve probably noticed how predominant it is around here. You can’t help but feel the benefits.

Beach and blue sea at Turks and Caicos

Happiness is just hanging out

In her Wide Open Eats article titled Listen to Science: These Are the Health Benefits of the Beach, Sarah Ramsey reminds us that the beach is good for the body, brain and overall well-being.

“For most of us, a beach trip is associated with unwinding and vacation time. It’s usually at time to unplug from electronic devices and spend time with family or friends. That down time not only sparks creativity and innovation by recharging our brains, but social engagement is also good for us; spending time with people we care about makes us feel better overall.”

And speaking of the people we care about, if you’re traveling with children the beach helps them eat and sleep better. Getting to run, play and swim in the water expels their energy, giving them a healthy appetite and great night’s sleep. The best part? This is also true for grown-ups. Spending time outdoors is good for all.

kite lessons - 1 mile out with 3 feet of water

Revive and rejuvenate

Dedicated to helping clients improve their overall quality of living, Nutritious life adds to the conversation by listing 9 reasons why the beach is healthy for you. Among them, the salt water, the walking, the tech detox, the napping, and a few other interesting points.

“A walk can be even better than a run when it comes to clearing the mind. I find there’s nothing more cathartic than a long walk on the beach (versus walking in the city, which can trigger emotions worse than road rage). It doesn’t have to be fast, and it definitely doesn’t require a watch, a Fitbit, or any kind of app. Unplug. Walks on the beach are kind of perfect any way you do them—with your kids, your partner, or alone. There’s no goal, no rush, no race, no place to be. Relax and find some seashells along the way.”

The beach also brings a healthy dose of vitamin D and if you have respiratory problems, the salt in the sea water helps with decongestion as the components of the water will help your lungs to expel whatever doesn’t serve them. If you have bone aches, bathing in sea water can help diminish pain and floating or swimming in the sea also helps relax your muscles and support the recovery of certain lesions. Add its strengthening effect on the immune system and overall, salt water has incredible healing virtues.

Go and glow!

The mineral makeup of salt water embellishes the skin and has antibiotic properties that help with scarring.  Zinc, sodium, magnesium, potassium and more serve to replenish and nourish your skin and body.

Sand on the beach is a natural exfoliant, besides stimulating blood flow. A long walk on the beach, not only helps you unwind and tone leg muscles, it also serves to stimulate the soles of the feet– think reflexology–while providing much needed exfoliation to a part of the body that’s often overlooked.

Meditative and inspiring

In the summer of 2017, Christina Heiser explained What the Beach does to your Brain for NBC News.  In this report, Heiser says ‘It’s all about taking advantage of the time you spend there by practicing mindfulness. Indeed, spending time by the ocean brings perspective. Our senses awaken, our mind rests, our body heals and we’re able to enjoy and live in the present moment. Meditating on the beach is wonderful in that it allows you to connect with nature, while also providing a calming background soundtrack.

Need to rest, recharge and reconnect? We have just the place for you. A healthy, happy antidote to the speed of everyday life. Come take a deep breathe, slow down, and store some wellness you can carry with you, until your next visit.

Hope to see you soon,

Simon, Pina and Max

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