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Renting multiple villas in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Guests review their recent stay at White Villas in the Turks and Caicos

“We visited the Turks and Caicos 3 years ago and loved it. The weather was perfect, the beaches as stunning as we’d imagined, and the water, well let’s just say photos couldn’t do it justice.

Our group included my sister’s family and mine, totalling 6 adults and 4 kids aged 5 to 13. You’ll understand that tastes and needs vary when you travel with a bunch of people, and that’s what made choosing a villa such a great idea. We could indulge in what we wanted, divide up when needed, and make sure everyone had something fun to do. When choosing where to stay, this was at the top of our list.

kids in White Villas PoolFortunately, all our expectations were met. The villas are beautiful, modern, and as well kept as they appeared in the photos. This matters to us. Plus, without renting a steeply-priced oceanfront spot, we had access to the beach within a short, easy walk that even our smallest travelers could keep up with. Happy, healthily tired boys and girls make happy parents, so we were thrilled that the kids played in the pool, at the beach and used the outdoor playground. They were also excited about the outdoor movie on Thursday evening.

When it was time to venture out a little, we chose a water activity that everyone could enjoy : boating. A highlight for our group was Iguana Island or Little Water Cay, I think you call it. Reptiles are always popular with the kids and the overall experience was just great. Turks is really all about beaches, nature and that incredible water we haven’t seen in many other places around the world. And being from Michagan, you can imagine how much the spectacular weather means to us. Living outdoors in the midst of winter was wonderful.

boat excursionWe’ve been to Cabo and other places which were nice. However, in all honesty, nothing tops TCI. In this case, our super responsive hosts handled practically everything, understanding full well that we wanted nothing but simplicity. From rental vehicles that were ready to roll as we flew in, to picking out menus, enjoying chef-prepared meals, eating around the pool and basically doing what we wanted, when we wanted, it couldn’t have been better. All-inclusives are easy, they say… but this was 1000 times better! Thanks so much.”


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We’re pleased to share Bree’s comments, and want you to know why our villas might be the perfect place for you and your family.

  1. With a total of 10 villas soon, you can travel with friends or family, while all having your own space. Close enough for bonding, private enough for personal downtime.
  2. Reconnecting has never meant as much as it does now. Travel has changed, safety matters and you want a place where everyone can recharge, whatever that means to each individual. We know how important it is to create memories. The kind that lasts a lifetime. Our villas are designed for multigenerational groups, so the young and the not so young can all spend fun, meaningful time together.

Our family loves living on Providenciales. Wondering if it’s right for your teen? Ask our son Max and visit his Instagram page at Curious if it’s your speed and style? Ask Pina or myself. We moved here to make our own memories, and help others do the same.


Simon, Pina and Max

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