Family travel: keeping 3 generations, kids and some kitesurfing happy on Turks and Caicos

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Finding an ideal vacation venue that suits 3 generations, including 9 people and a trio of kids under 10, is no easy feat. Add experienced kitesurfers to the mix and the choices are fewer still. This was the Vavoida group’s challenge and, being from Hood River, Oregon, they knew a thing or two about world-class kitesurfing spots and what they were looking for.

My sister’s kids were on Spring break and she’s a beginner when it comes to kitesurfing. Two of us, however, are experienced kitesurfers who wanted a challenge so it all had to come together. My sister ended up really improving—the setting was perfect for this—my wife Elisabeth took two classes and Eric, my brother-in-law, friend and kiting partner joined me for some serious bumping and jumping. We all found what we were looking for.—Yani.

You live in Oregon, so Hawaii would be a natural fit. Why Turks and Caicos?

We came here last year and stayed at a friend’s house. We loved the island and the kiting spot. The Caribbean sea is the best! Warm, turquoise and beautiful. Elisabeth thought it was the safest place to learn: shallow and warm water, simply beginner friendly. Simon has a 6 M which was perfect for Elisabeth to pratice with. She was pulled by the kite once or twice, but in this water, it was just plain fun. I’m still optimistic that one day, soon hopefully, my wife and I will both be riding on the blue highway!

Private pool at luxury villa on Turks and Caicos
Resting poolside at White Villas after a day of kitesurfing

Though Long Bay Beach is great for beginners, it’s also an excellent venue for more experienced kitesurfers. Advanced aficionados will enjoy the bump and jump, friendly atmosphere and steady wind that make it perfect to progress and try new things. 

Oh, one other thing we thought was unique at White Villas: we had our own private stretch of beach – incredible! Knowing how beautiful the elements are, I’m sure this won’t last.—Yani

What’s unique about Providenciales? 

The ocean (water experience) is like no other place on earth. The island setting forces you to relax.  Except for the driving-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road ?

Is it easy to combine kitesurfing and family time here? What were favourite activities?

The villa is optimal for kids. You can relax, read a book, sunbath or even cook indoors while the kids are always 2 seconds away. If a couple feels like going to the beach to kite, it’s easy, fast and accessible. Others can stay at the villa and do their own thing. It’s extremely convenient for a kiter and non-kiter family or group.

We loved the outside shower to rinse our stuff and we tried the self-launching post for the first time. Loved it. Also, there’s truly just sand on the beach and nothing that could damage your equipment.

What do you think of White Villas in terms of convenience, size, amenities and comfort?

Everything was so great. My sister’s family rented another villa and came to White Villas for family BBQs where we had the pool for the kids, etc. It was all very comfortable and we LOVED having our own beach only 3 minutes away. Ed, my father the architect, was impressed by the modern design and he’s not easy to impress!

Also, having the owner around can normally be stressful but honestly, Simon felt like family, while always being discrete.

Any great places to eat on the island or did you cook and eat in?

We enjoyed Turks Kebab – no. 14, Coco Bistro (we went 3 times!), Boogaloo and Mr. Grouper. We had GREAT BBQs at the villa.

We’re building a second White Villa. Would that work for your whole party?

Yes, absolutely! A two-week family vacation is cool, but having our own space, when needed, is truly appreciated by everyone. Down-time makes the getting-together more enjoyable. Once completed, I’m sure this White Villas compound will be a great option for large family holidays.

Would you suggest a Turks and Caicos / White Villas trip to your kitesurfing friends? 

Oh yes! It’s worth the distance, without a doubt. For us, Providenciales is less than 3 hours further than Maui and totally worth it.

Anything else you think families, kite surfers or travellers should know about the destination?

Some advanced reservations are sometimes required if you want to secure all your activities. Things are not cheap and you drive on the other side of the road ?

Disclaimer: We care what our guests think and, most importantly, how they felt while staying in our villa. That being said, we’ve made it our mission to ask our guests to answer a few questions we think might be of interest for you, our reader and potential new guest.  No fake reviews, no sugar-coating. We hope you enjoy this series of insider tips. We certainly do!

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Simon, Pina and Max

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