Turks and Caicos in great shape after hurricane Maria

As it turns out, owning villas in paradise can be very hard work—and we don’t mean the part about taking care of our amazing guests. We were in full recovery mode from hurricane Irma where, luckily, damage was minimal—read about it HERE—when we were informed hurricane Maria might be coming our way. Fortunately, we weren’t affected by its wrath and we can get back to work, cleaning up the, fortunately minimal mess, that Irma made.

The beach is beautiful and VERY quiet. Ideal for true rest and relaxation.

Pina’s yellow flowers are blooming already 🙂

At this point, here’s what’s happening: Most businesses are open, clean-up is far along and, through strong community support everyone is getting back to operations. While hotels and larger resorts are taking longer to prep for re-opening—Beaches and Club Med are closed and renovating—many are advantaged by having villas that were faster and simpler to protect and to clean-up, post-Irma and Maria. Numerous wooden structures lost their roofs and are covered with blue plastic as there’s a lack of plywood on the island and material delivery was stalled by Maria. 

Wish you could support them? Come. Not to clean or fix anything. To enjoy the island AND help give islanders work. You see, many have lost their homes, are living in shelters provided by the government. The tourism industry supports them and their families and getting back to work means rebuilding their homes and putting food on the table.  

We’re shifting out of hurricane season, everyone has worked hard to put everything back together and the best way to support the destinations and locals you love is to give them work. We’ll be thrilled to have you and you’ll find everything you need and love about Provo is still here. 

Patie Place – the best ice cream on island

Shay Cafe – the best breakfast on island.

Danny Boey – the best pizza on island.

Coco Bistro and Coco Van – among the best restaurants on island.

It’s sunny on the island, flowers are out and we believe that electricity should be fully re-installed sooner than later. In fact, we were informed today that it should be within a few weeks in our area.  Not wanting to wait or take any chances however, we’ve invested in two support generators—a rarity on the island, as you can imagine—so we’re all set, regardless of how fast or slow the situation unfolds.

Want to help our local community by showing up? We’re adding a 20% discount incentive for all bookings for visits prior to December 1, 2017. The island is still the beautiful space you’re used to. Come see for yourself!

Post-hurricane reports are always cautious—read this New York Times report that details the situation with regards to several Caribbean destinations—and resorts take longer to get up and running. Being smaller and privately run, villas bounce-back quickly and local service providers are also back in business. What you’ll experience is less people, a quieter beach and locals that are exceptionally eager to host you and get back to normal.


Please let us know if you have any questions at all. We’re on the island and are happy to provide details if you’d like them. 


With warm and grateful regards,
Pina, Max and Simon

Photo credit: Simon Henault

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