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Looking for a postcard perfect vacation destination with the whitest sand and turquoise waters that are almost too good to be true?

You can’t do better than the Turks and Caicos.

The holiday season is over and besides tighter pants, a lighter wallet and a few dark circles under your eyes, you may be feeling a little blue. Though wonderful for many, the Holidays also bring on January doldrums, where all those vacation ads really start to hit you where it hurts.

Whether you the type of person who’s counting down the days for spring, or you’re out there skiing your heart out, a little time at the beach breaks up the monotony and puts everyone in a great mood.

Wondering if Turks and Caicos is really as pretty as they say? It’s easy to doubt these days, especially with all those instagram filters.

Because we live here, we’re happy to report that it IS as gorgeous as it looks. The colors are insane and it does get as good as this. But don’t take our word for it.

Browse these images and see for yourself. #Nofilter

turks and caicos - aerial viewbeach and sea in TCIlunch, white sand and sea in TCIboat excursion in TCI swimming in turquoise water of TCIboat excursion and swim in sea of TCIfeet in white sand of TCIwalk in the sand Turks and Caicos sunset on beach and sea of Turks and Caicos

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Simon, Pina and Max

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