The perfect set-up for your
next kiteboarding adventure

The Turks and Caicos is one of the best locations in the world to kiteboard. With consistent trade winds, warm climate, shallow and turquoise waters, along with some of the Caribbean’s top rated kite schools, Long Bay beach is unparalleled as a top kiting destination.

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS why we have the perfect set-up for your next kiteboarding adventure.


Side-on or onshore wind
Average kite size between 9-14 m2 year round
Tired of getting skunked for wind? NOT HERE! With 10 months of consistent winds, Long Bay Beach boasts some of the most consistent wind in the Caribbean.


The Turks and Caicos Islands experience pleasant and consistent weather. It’s always summer here! The temperature varies only a small amount (less than 20 degrees F) from summer to winter months. Even during cooler winter days, it’s warm enough to wear a bathing suit!

The climate and conditions for activities on, and in the water, are typically excellent throughout the year.


Long Bay beach is a 3 mile stretch of beach on the southeast coast of Providenciales. The water is bright turquoise and clear. At low tide, you can walk out for nearly 2 miles; making the conditions for kiteboarding as perfect as you can get. Long Bay does not get any of the larger ocean wave swells that the northern beaches do, making it ideal for freeride and learning.

About 15 minutes away from the airport and 5 minutes from most restaurants, groceries and the world renowned Grace Bay, Long Bay is close to everything, yet away from the crowds.

To get to the beach from White Villas, you cross the street and access a very short path that takes you to your very own beach—or at least, that’s how it feels!

If you are indeed alone on the beach, White Villas has installed a self launching post for your convenience.

Take a short stroll on the beach if you want to take lessons or rent equipment.


The Turks and Caicos (TCI) is a small British Overseas Territory located between the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. Providenciales (Provo) is 37.5 square miles and by far the most populated, most developed and the center of Turks and Caicos tourism. The islands offer a laid back, friendly vibe.

The island is safe—it’s one of the safest islands in the Caribbean—, clean and populated with warm, welcoming people.

Finding direct flights from North American cities is pretty easy, and several airlines offer daily and weekly flights, especially during high season.

It’s also easy to get around, either by scooter, car—even though we drive on the left side of the road—, jitney (small buses or vans) or taxi.

When you’re not kiteboarding or if you simply don’t kite, Providenciales offers tons of fun activities: jet skiing, boating, snorkelling, diving, stand up paddle (SUP), golfing, horseback riding, and more…


White Villas offers the ideal luxury indoor-outdoor living experience! With modern, open design, large windows and doors, great ocean views, a spacious, furnished terrace, a hotel-style pool and stylish private bedrooms and baths, our villas become a comfortable, luxurious home away from home, where you can enjoy Provo, and each other’s company.

White Villas also offers all the kiteboarding amenities: storage, a place to rinse your equipment, proximity to the beach, a self launching post and even remote kitesurfing adventures with the owner’s boat.

After all, White Villas was built for kiteboarders, by kiteboarders.


White Villas has partnered with the island’s top kiteboarding school, KiteProvo (Chris – 649 242-2927). Opened in 2006, Kite Provo is the first and longest running kiteboarding school in the Turks & Caicos. They’re a super fun team of kiteboard-loving enthusiasts who take teaching seriously.

With consistent trade winds 10 months out of the year and shallow water, the learning conditions on Provo are nothing short of world class. Conditions alone are not enough, though. Combine this with professional instructors and you have the best kiteboarding opportunity on the planet!


If you’ve never flown a power kite before, this will be your first taste of how exciting kiting can be. You’ll have fun while Kite Provo’s certified instructors teach you the handling skills. Different size kites makes this activity available for everyone – even young kids (80 lbs or more).

During a 3-hour private kitesurfing class, you’ll learn:

Kite control (80% of learning is in the kite)
The fundamentals of wind
Power strokes – How to get just enough kite power.
Important kiteboarding terms
Body positioning
How to set up the equipment and safety systems
Cost: 525$ – Discount of $175 for White Villas’ guests = $350 taxes


Get all the attention of an IKO/PASA certified instructor to progress at your own pace.

Cost: 175$/hour – White Villas’ guests get 100$ off their bill

KiteProvo has assembled a team of not only top level kiteboarders, but instructors that truly take a personal interest in the success of each and every student. Kite Provo then trains them in the art of communication and how to adapt teaching methods, in order to meet the learning style of our guests and new friends. The school manager, Chris Moore, has been teaching kite sports professionally since 1990, and kiteboarding since 1999. In 2002 Chris wrote the teaching manual for instructor certification, pioneering the PASA Kiteboarding Division. Using his extensive experience and passion for teaching, KiteProvo has trained the highest caliber of instructors on the planet, right here in The Turks and Caicos.

KiteProvo teaches with state of the art radio communication systems… which truly accelerates the learning process.