Turks and Caicos more popular than the Bahamas

Travel insurance aggregator Squaremouth recently listed it’s most requested destinations, confirming that our beloved, tiny little Turks and Caicos is now the 5th most popular vacation destination overall for American travelers and surpasses the much larger Bahamas. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t pleased.

The company explains this in part, by stating that “its list of top destinations was historically ruled by European countries, which have since closed their borders, leading to a significant shift in traveler behavior.”

For people in the Turks and Caicos, this major shift is positive. Our government understands the role that border closures and travel restrictions have played in drastically changing where Americans are traveling, and we’re pleased that the majority are now heading south to the Caribbean. The fact that our destination will help support our local businesses, help families and allow us to keep doing what we do best: hosting remarquable holidays.

“Prior to COVID-19, The Bahamas and Costa Rica were the only Caribbean countries to ever make the top ten list,” Squaremouth stated. But our destination has been responsible, rigorous and collaborative in terms of greeting new guests. In fact, we’ve hosted wonderful family holidays over the summer. We’ve made it safe to come, we’re careful and we’re ready.

With a population 10 times smaller than that of the Bahamas, we’re ecstatic to see just how many Americans are enticed by our country. Discover something new or come back to a destination you already know and love.

The doors are open.

Simon, Pina and Max

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