What is the best beach on Turks and Caicos?

Great question and there’s more than one correct answer. The best beach on Turks and Caicos is the one that suits your style. Let’s explore the possibilities.

If you’re looking for the ultimate beach vacation on a warm, breezy Caribbean island, chances are Turks and Caicos is on your radar. And with reason. Reputed for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this English-speaking cluster of islands offers multiple sun and sand scenarios, just for you.

The most popular Turks and Caicos island is called Providenciales and with 28,000 of the overall 30,000+ population of TCI, it’s home to the only international airport. Revered by sun seekers and water worshippers alike, Providenciales has topped the charts for ‘Best island in the world’  and increased its fame exponentially when it’s busiest beach, Grace Bay, was awarded the coveted ‘Tripadvisor Best Beach in the World’ title for 2016 and 2022, beating out Brazil, Cuba and the Seychelles for the top spot, chosen among millions of travellers.

Grace Bay Beach

Bustling Grace Bay Beach is considered among the best beaches in the World.

Grace Bay beach is indeed beautiful and ideal for those seeking a little bustle with their beach.  Popular, easily accessible and lined with hotels and resorts, it’s by far the busiest on the island. Slightly longer than the quieter Long Bay beach —looking at a map will deceive you as adjacent beaches cannot be reached by walk—Grace Bay has all the makings of a resort area with restaurants, shops and crowds. Its westside, a section with less density, attracts lots of snorkeling enthusiasts at Coral Garden Reef.

Coral Garden Reef

Coral Gardens Reef is close to Grace Bay Beach on Turks and Caicos

Here’s a tip: if you’d like to spend time on Grace Bay Beach, go towards the Club Med but turn left on the street before the entrance of the Club. Go all the way to the end and you will see plenty of parking. You’ll be almost on Club Med’s beach, which is the widest on the island.

Say you’re a quieter traveler who enjoys privacy and looks forward to winding down from a hectic lifestyle. Your style might probably be Long Bay Beach. With spectacular water and clean, shallow, sandy bottoms, Long Bay Beach is ideal for those wanting to try kiteboarding, paddle boarding or even just swim or cool off. With no vendors, no crowds and mostly villa accommodations in the area, Long Bay Beach has a relaxed, pristine vibe that is safely guarded by the few accesses to get there. Our White Villas privileged location has a direct, walking path to this beach. 

Long Bay Beach is a quiet, pristine beach on Turks and Caicos

Long Bay beach is one of the best beaches on Providenciales by those who like a quieter setting.

There are many smaller beaches on Providenciales and it can be fun to visit a few during your stay. Tinier bays such as Sapodilla or Taylor, for example, have very shallow waters and are suitable for those traveling with young children.

Sapodilla Beach

How to get there:

Sapodilla Beach on Turks and Caicos

If you seek adventure and love to snorkel, the easily accessible Smiths Reef in Turtle Cove should be considered. Want to add some chic to your day?  Spend an afternoon at the rugged Malcom’s Road Beach, another great place to snorkel, and lunch at the famously luxurious Amanyara hotel, a hotspot for celebrities and politicians vacationing on the island.

Lastly, you may want to consider spending the end of a sunny day on Sunset beach, as its orientation is perfect to admire the sun go down in the ocean. Here’s how to get there:

Other beaches listed on Providenciales may not be worth your time and it’s good to ask locals before planning your day. For example, Cooper Jack Bay beach tends to disappear depending on tides and, because of its topography, tends to accumulate ocean litter more than most. Five Cays Beach, Blue Hills Beach and Thompson Cove Beach are more prone to having seaweed while Turtle Tail Beach is located in a more residential area and challenging to get to.

Turks and Caicos certainly lives up to its reputation for gorgeous beaches and there’s no denying its clean water, white sand and soft ocean bottom. Whether you want to dive, snorkel, read, snooze, kitesurf or just wade in revitalizing, crystal clear waters, spectacular soft sands and stunning sunsets await. Come see for yourself.


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