Fast track Turks and Caicos or Skypass Caribbean: is it worth the money?

There’s a faster way to get through the airport and start your vacation. Read on.

You can’t wait to sip that first cool drink, kick off your shoes and start your vacation. Who wouldn’t?! Except, there’s the airport, customs and all that time you have to wait when flying into your holiday destination. If you’ve ever desperately wanted your bag to come out first, practically ran to customs, and been frustrated with endless wait times, you can probably relate. Traffic is for home (and even then, wouldn’t we love it if it went away completely?!). If you’re coming to the Turks and Caicos to recharge, start relaxing as soon as you can. For those with the budget to splurge on a smooth arrival and departure, meet your future local best friend… the brilliant Fast track/Skypass system. Sure, they have different names, but essentially they share a mission: making it fast and easy to start your vacation.

With plans and price points that slightly differ, you’re sure to find something that works for you and your family.

Rates for Skypass or Fast Track Turks and Caicos

Both Fast Track and Skypass offer premium service to make your arrival and departure pleasurable. Both companies offer a VIP experience, whisking you through immigration, customs and security, on arrival or when you’re heading home.

Use this link to book with Fast-Track:

Fast Track Plans

The Fast-track offers both arrival and departure experiences for $75 separately, and (oddly) $150 for both. You can also add private transportation for an extra $85 dollars.

Use this link to Book with Sky Pass:

Sky Pass plans

The sky pass comes at a better price. Combined arrival and departure services total $130, while separately each will cost you $65. Add $35 for the luggage delivery service and they’ll wait for your bags and deliver them to your final destination, while you’re long and gone, heading straight to the beach. Car services, however, cost more than Fast Track at $135.

Is Skypass or Fast Track worth it?

If you’re flying in on the weekend, it’s a no-brainer, YES. Weekends are typically super busy at the airport and based on experience, we highly recommend stretching your dollar to extend your precious vacation time. If you’re coming in on a weekday, save your cash and splurge elsewhere. For example, stop at Omar’s beachfront patio to wiggle your legs, watch the kids run on the beach, and sip a cool cocktail before heading to your hotel or villa.

Omar beach Hut in Turks and Caicos

Omar beach Hut is 10 minutes away from the airport and a perfect first or last stop in Turks and Caicos

Keep in mind that the situation in a small airport that welcomes loads of visitors isn’t always easy. In fact, during this year’s spring break, the Islands welcomed an incredible amount of tourists and weren’t quite ready for it. The arrival and departure experience wasn’t ideal. Long lines, extended exposure to the sun and heat, plus private flight interruptions were all reported on various social media throughout the spring break season. This wasn’t fun for anyone and if you’re traveling with the family, navigating overcrowded airports and zipping through procedures can be especially great. In cases like these, the Fast Track – Skypass offers are definitely worth the money.

This post isn’T meant to turn you off or scare you. Thankfully, post Spring Break, the Turks and Caicos airport authorities released a plan to provide a safer, more comfortable travel experience for all its guests. Last time I flew in (November 2021), the wait time at customs was approximately 90 minutes, but this included Covid documentation check-ins that are no longer required. Updated covid entry requirements are thankfully much simpler. The good part of waiting at customs is your luggage is ready and waiting by the time you’re done.

Although Fast Track and Skypass are great options, large families with older kids or big groups might not appreciate the heftier price tag, and that’s understandable. The new airport strategy and change of entry requirements have made the traveling process a lot easier.

Sky Pass welcoming their clients at the Providenciales Airport
welcoming their clients at the Providenciales Airport

Final thoughts

In summary, the most commonly shared opinion on different social media platforms is that Fast Track or Skypass are extremely valuable for weekend arrivals and departures. Especially during peak season from November to early August, but mainly around busy holidays like Christmas and spring break. Obviously, if you’re coming for a short stay, every second counts and fast tracking your arrival may mean ever more to you. Traveling with young kids? The service is free for kids 2 and under.

Grace Bay beach

Grace bay beach in Providenciales

You should know that departure services are less popular. We think the rush to get home is a little less intense than the desire to get to the water. Waiting for your flight home can even be fun: enjoy a final island fish and chips OR go for a massage on the second floor waiting area, past security.

No matter what you choose, know that on the other side of the wait, you’ll access one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s only a matter of time.

Simon and Karim

Karim and Simon

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