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How do you find the best vacation home?

From crowdsourcing to reviews, news articles to word of mouth, where to look for reliable vacation recommendations

You’ve decided you want (need) to go on holiday. You’ve read up on a few destinations, talked with your clan, made a list of your preferences, stated your deal breakers and decided to focus on a place you can easily fly to. Then there’s pandemic safety, cos it’s a new world out there. 

The Internet can quickly get overwhelming, you don’t necessarily think your co-worker shares the same taste in travel, and you haven’t consulted a travel agent in years. So, where do people look these days? Here’s a little guidance.

Other travellers

Your own personal and professional community can be a gold-mine of information, provided you share similar budgets and interests. It might sound exciting to hear about a friend’s recent solo skydiving trip, but if you’re scared of heights and travelling with a family of five, it might not be useful. That said, it’s reassuring to ask other people’s opinions and the web makes it easy. Ask a Facebook group, read online Google or Tripadvisor reviews, talk to a neighbour, follow inspiring Instagram profiles. Just make sure whatever’s being recommended fits with what you want from a holiday. Here are some of our guest reviews to help you get started.

review White Villas

Online platforms

By now, you’ve probably heard of a few booking platforms such as AirBnB, VRBO, etc. These sites serve as one-stop shops for travellers who want to consult, compare and even just daydream about their next escapade. The plus side is there’s lots to see. The downside is exactly the same. With so many listings, after a while everything starts to blur. That said, it’s nice to read the reviews and confirm you’ve picked a good property.

Travel experts

We’ve divided our “experts” category into 2 categories:

  • Travel agents

While travel agents have lost some of their appeal with travellers flocking to online booking sites, there’s still value in insider information, connections and experience. A great travel agent knows the ins and outs of a destination,  has recently visited or knows someone that has, and can sometimes coordinate things you couldn’t book on your own. Like any profession, some are absolute experts while others take on a more generalist approach.

While not traditionally a travel agency, the World Travel Awards also helps agents and travellers find award-winning destinations. This year, the Turks and Caicos took home the highest honors for Best Caribbean Beach Destination.

  • Travel media

Travel magazines, travel news and even travel blogs can be another source of inspiration. Look for editorial, story-telling coverage that gives you a feel for the properties and destinations you’re interested in. Newsweek recently published a piece on the Turks and Caicos, but a simple Google search can provide lots more. If you’re curious, head over to this link and read what’s been written about us.

The source (aka your hosts!)

Last but not least, there’s nothing like connecting with your actual hosts. Fast, efficient, helpful, and friendly, onsite hosts know their way around and have direct stakes in ensuring you have a great vacation. With committed hosts, you matter and your vacation matters. Every single little detail. 

Every resource listed in this article is helpful. Find the most trustworthy one for you and start planning that vacation you want. And remember, we’re always here to help.

If by chance, you’ve decided on the Turks and Caicos by now, congratulations! You won’t be disappointed, but if you’ve already consulted the above-mentioned reviews, you already know that!

Simon, Pina and Max

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