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Luxury travelers long for that perfect balance between creature comforts for limitless pampering during their time off, while also feeling the exoticism of landing on Robinson Crusoe’s island paradise. Something intimate, convenient and cozy, yet absolutely extraordinary.

For us, luxury means privacy, peace and quiet, fresh, deliciously prepared food and drink, and reconnecting; with nature, with yourself, and with each other.

When visiting the Turks and Caicos, Provo fulfills all of these needs and here are six things we think make it absolutely, enticingly perfect.

PAMPERING you won’t soon forget

Disconnecting translates to reconnecting, with yourself. By indulging in things that nurture the body and soul, you’ll return to the bustling ‘real world’ with batteries charged and boundless energy. Provo offers world-class spa experiences that you can export to your own villa or enjoy onsite. We also have highly trained instructors that can provide one-on-one yoga, training of all sorts and overall fitness guidance while you’re on the island. Lineups, groups or nosy neighbours, not included 😉

The White Villas advantage: with an outdoor gym, complimentary fitness instructor visiting twice per week and rooftop terrace that’s ideal for massages and/or private yoga sessions, there’s no need to head out.

PERFECT dining

Though roughing it can be entertaining for a few meals, ultimately you’ll want to experience cleverly prepared, fine cuisine. Provo features several exquisite dining venues, led by talented chefs that know how to combine local delicacies with classic, oceanfront favorites. As opposed to most islands, Providenciales has very little all-inclusive resorts, which means there’s been great effort in providing quality dining experiences. Thousands of wealthy guests come down and expect the best, and over 40 restaurants cater to our very discerning travelers.

The White Villas advantage: Endearing and entertaining, Chef Aki creates Italian, French, Asian, Indian, Thai or Creole inspired menus, among others, exclusively for White Villas guests, directly in their holiday kitchen. With table set-up, food, service and clean-up included, all you have to do is be curious and hungry for unique private dining experiences.

PARADISIACAL boating, floating and other adventures

With water this incredibly beautiful, going out on the ocean is a must. Charter your own yacht and guide to go on the adventures you want, when you want them. Alone with your family, exploring Turks doesn’t get better than this.

The White Villas advantage: when we decided to build White Villas, we have to admit the water had a lot to do with it. Avid watersport aficionados, we’ve invested in our boats and water toys in order to provide the ultimate, à-la-carte excursions for our guests. We’re constantly scoping out the best spots and know when and how to visit. Choose the perfect boating excursion for your group.


As much as we like people, city life can be overwhelming and sometimes you just want to be alone or around your people. Peace, quiet, and the flexibility to be how and wherever you want to be, is the ultimate luxury.

The White Villas advantage: when designing our luxury villas, we made sure the space was cozy enough to bring guests together, while also creating an airy, expansive feeling that would allow all guests to find an area that made them happy. We also ensured our villas are conceived in a way that you’re not seeing or overhearing your neighbours. With expert landscaping, your private pool will always be just that, private!


Long flights and transfers often defeat the purpose of rest and relaxation. With direct, short flights from major cities like Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto or Montreal, you’ll be unwinding sooner than you think.

The White Villas advantage: Proximity is real, even on the island. Providenciales is a small island (17 miles by 3 miles) and most venues and activities are located on the eastern side of the island. So basically, with no traffic lights and traffic, everything is always 5 to 10 minutes away from your villa. Close enough to enjoy, far enough to decide if you want to.


POSTCARD weather

Not only is the weather practically flawless year-round, but, according to our government, Provo registers roughly more than 320 days of sunshine per year. Stunningly gorgeous with white sands, lush surroundings and the most beautiful, crystal-clear water you’ve ever seen, the Turks and Caicos is the best of the best, when it comes to natural surroundings and ideal conditions in the Caribbean, thus its official slogan ‘beautiful by nature’.

The White Villas advantage:
Design! With wide open spaces, there’s always a breeze flowing through the villas. We’ve perfected the indoor-outdoor living concept and you’ll have the best address to enjoy TCI’s spectacular weather.

It’s already 82 Farenheit at 7am today, while we write this post. A little warm? Not at White Villas. We’re at Long Bay beach, a tropical paradise that’s breezy 80% of the time during the year. This means better comfort and much less mosquitoes than you’d find out at Grace Bay. 😉

We look forward to hosting you!

Warm regards,


Simon, Pina and Max

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