Four kids in a villa on Turks and Caicos!

The very busy Brennan family from Florenceville, New Brunswick needed a break. With 4 kids involved in competitive hockey, competitive gymnastics, soccer, badminton, cheer, tumbling, piano, track and field, cross country, coaching gymnastics, swim team, and drama, their reality is best described as ’round-the-clock running around’.

“I’m exhausted making it all happen while I work as Vice-Principal at the local High School. Our trip was exactly what we ALL needed”
Jana, mom of this active bunch.

As a mother travelling with her entire crew, what stands out most from your holiday, Jana?

Everything! Feeling safe and worry-free. Long Bay Beach was beyond our dreams – beautiful and private but with the excitement of many kite surfers at times.

What did the kids enjoy most?

Playing in the water. How awesome the pool looked and how private the beach was. They also loved watching the kite surfing. 

Kids paddle surfing on Turks and Caicos

What activity(ies) did you most enjoy as a family or even as adults?

Touring around on our own- which was super easy to do there! Driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road was exciting for the kids. Just doing our own thing was super cool… Not following the cookie-cutter resort crowd was the best. 

white villas pool Turks and Caicos

Feeding 4 hungry kids can’t always be easy. Any tips or comments on food, cooking or shopping for supplies?  

I want the White Villa kitchen! Sometimes we ate in and sometimes we went to restaurants. It was the perfect mix of eating at home and eating out. We had everything we needed at the villa to prepare meals and getting groceries at the local IGA was really easy.

White Villas kitchen Turks and Caicos

Why did you choose Turks and Caicos?

Totally because we saw White Villa come up as an option for 6 on Airbnb! Once we saw your villa, we couldn’t find anything else that could beat it, even on other islands.

Was this your first villa experience? If so, how does it compare to staying at a resort?

This was our first experience renting a villa and we’ll never go back to hotels or resorts as a family of 6. Hotels and resorts can’t guarantee us adjoining rooms and we don’t want to be apart on vacation. Also, we didn’t want to wrestle for 6 chairs together at the beach or at the pool every day. It was so private that we were able to do our own things without worrying about where our kids were in a big crowded resort.

Long Bay Beach Turks and Caicos

Was your large family comfortable in our villa?

Yes very, but I must say that it only worked because our 15 year old was willing to sleep downstairs kind of apart from us. Our 10 year old chose to sleep on an air mattress upstairs because she wanted to stay near Mom and Dad. We had tonnes of space to spread out in the villa though.

Did the White Villas team meet all your needs and respond quickly when you had questions?

Yes, every question was answered almost immediately. Simon was an absolute gem. Mike was great too- very friendly and easy to talk to.

Would you recommend a White Villas vacation to your friends and family?

ABSOLUTELY YES! If you are looking for a safe getaway for kids of all ages at a dream home near a dreamy secluded beach, this is it! 

Thank you!
Jana, Andy, Sydney, Austin, Ava, and Sophia.

Disclaimer: We care what our guests think and, most importantly, how they felt while staying in our villa. That being said, we’ve made it our mission to ask our guests to answer a few questions we think might be of interest for you, our reader and potential new guest.  No fake reviews, no sugar-coating. We hope you enjoy this series of insider tips. We certainly do!

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Simon, Pina and Max

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