What to do?

A local TCI magazine published 70 things to do on Providenciales and, though we like the list, we thought we’d narrow it down for you. Here’s a short list of specific activities our family loves. Keep in mind, if one word had to be used to describe the island experience, it would have to be ‘water’. Not the cold, rainy version, but rather the crystal clear and warm liquid that provides much joy to all that visit. Our recommendations tend to revolve around water quite a bit.

Discovering the island

Look at any photo of Providenciales, and you’re likely to think it’s too good to be true. It truly is this beautiful! We’ve listed our 20 favorite stops, so you can discover everything you can look forward to: gorgeous beaches, luxurious marinas, restaurants, activities and more. We’ve done the homework, so you can make the most of your holiday.

Consult our PDF: A Guide to Driving Around Providenciales – 20 Stops you’ll want to put on your list.


You are visiting a group of islands. You have gorgeous weather, sunny skies, amazingly blue waters and access to great snorkeling, diving, fishing and more. It’s a given that you’ll want to spend some time on the water. When? Anytime. Early morning island hopping, afternoon play or sunset magic, take your pick. Boats give you access to secluded islands and beaches, specific snorkeling spots, water skiing, tubing and more.


Did you know that Long Bay is one of the the best places in the world to learn how to kitesurf? Perhaps you do because you already love this activity. Regardless of your level, the shallow, turquoise water, steady wind, perfect orientation, schooling and great equipment will make your experience unforgettable. Oh! And kids over 12 can learn, too! Here’s our post on kiteboarding 101!

Jet Ski Tours

Many people will rent a jetski and jump waves in the same crowded area, over and over. We’ve done this, too! However, we especially love the guided tours that take you out for 2 hours, visit different islands and give you an insider’s view of the destination. It’s a fun way to really explore the surroundings. Can you do it with kids? Well yes, and no. We would suggest going with older kids – at least 10 years old – because the water can get choppy.

SUP / Kayak

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) is a trendy activity that’s certainly found its home in and around Providenciales. Accessible and easy, it allows you to paddle at your own speed, explore the mangroves and several beautiful, natural spots around Providenciales. If you prefer to kayak, you might want to sit on the board then. Equally fun and perhaps simpler if you’re travelling with younger children. By the way, Iguana island and Chalk sound should be on your SUP list.


You don’t need a boat to enjoy the water every day. Off-shore snorkeling is another fun way to spend some time in the water. Coral Garden and Smith’s Reef, two known snorkel spots, are easily accessible from the shore. Not keen on bringing equipment? Not a problem. We’ve have adult and kid sets available at the villa.


Providenciales has the advantage of being within access to over 70 miles of barrier reefs and walls. Because of this, there’s a huge variety in the dive sites. Locations off Grace Bay Beach tend to have spur and groove reef formations with shelves at different levels, West Caicos offers sheer edges, and some spots in the south banks even offer undercut walls. Swim-throughs, canyons and sand chutes can be found at many dive sites. The diving in Turks and Caicos will open you doors on this fantastic environment.

Tasting Around Town

Providenciales is a reproduction of what you’d expect in a city back home: it’s loaded with options! Wining and dining are at the top of the list. Known for the quality of its restaurants, our island’s amenities were conceived with the desires and needs of the luxury tourism market in mind. When you host discerning, experienced travellers, expectations are high and products and services must live up. Whether you lunch by the sea, want gourmet breakfast, homemade ice cream, a spectacular dinner or even want to shop and cook with the finest ingredients, we’ve got it all.

Sun & Sand

The beauty of staying on an island like Providenciales is the amount of beaches you can choose from, making your days anything but monotonous. Travelling with small children? Sapodilla and Taylor beach are ideal and we’ve got some beach toys at the villa to keep your little ones busy. Want quiet time but still enjoy people watching? Long Bay offers peace and quiet, plus talented kitesurfers that put on a show. Grace Bay is the social sun and sand spot, while you can also scope out lesser known corners that will delight the most adventurous ocean lover. Read THIS POST to find out more about this favorite activity.

This is a roundup of 8 great things to do, but there’s lots more you can indulge in while on Providenciales. Horseback riding, biking, freediving, just to name a few. Also, it’s perfectly acceptable to just want to rest, renew and restore.

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