Pretty and practical: how we designed vacation villas that feel like home

Architectural design that delights families on Turks and Caicos

Shopping online for a vacation rental usually means looking at endless photos of pretty places, wondering how exactly you’d feel while staying there. Is it your style? Does it look new, rundown or a little too cramped? Can you imagine your days there and what would your family think? Can you already see all the memories you’ll create?

“Home is not a place. It’s a feeling”
– Cecelia Ahern

When we designed and built our villas, we had very specific needs and desires. Sure, we wanted function and practically, but beauty wasn’t negotiable either. It all had to come together, and we think it did. In this blog post, we want to tell you a little bit about the choices we made and why we believe they enhance our guest experience.

First off, location. Because where you build is as important as what you build. Our villas needed to be in a great spot, a few minutes from a fabulous beach, but not exponentially more expensive because of an oceanfront location. Building with a view, brought the ocean to us, while also providing the privacy and space we needed to develop our project.

Then we needed someone who could design what we had in mind: a gorgeous, contemporary home that didn’t feel cold or unwelcoming. We wanted light, clean lines, space and comfort. We searched ideas for months  and browsed hundreds of photos on the web. We finally came up with our ‘must haves’ and met with a great architect that I knew at Aedifica – one of the biggest firms in Montreal.

We lived indoors for 8 months out of the year in Canada, so our mission was clear: to create a space where guests could live outside as much as they wanted to. And why white? Well, we really love contemporary, clean lines and we wanted a bright canvas, that would be different from the typical caribbean pastel colours.

In choosing the swimming pool design, we wanted it to be accessible for the whole family, while also being highly visible from the kitchen if you wanted to prepare something and still watch the kids in the water. We created a large shallow section where younger kids can splash around safely and adults can sunbathe, while the other side of the swim-up bar is deep enough for swimming. Talking about swimming, our pool even integrates a lap lane, ideal for your morning workout. We’ve equipped our villas with pool games and floats so you have everything on hand to enjoy the water.  

Garage doors were incorporated into our design, because of their width, versatility and the way they disappear into the construction, taking up less space and leaving a wide open area with some poolside shade and exterior living and dining furniture that creates the indoor/outdoor living experience that’s so important to us. This strategic design favors a cool ocean breeze that can be felt whether you’re inside or out.

The villas were built on two floors, so we could split the sleeping and socializing spaces, making it more comfortable for everyone sharing the home.

Aware that some of our guests might require direct access to a room, our second villa was designed with a separate poolside suite that can be accessed, without having to climb any stairs. This design is ideal for 3-generation type holidays where grandparents can have privacy in their own ground floor accommodation.

Whereas parents and kids take the upstairs bedrooms. These rooms communicate so you can check on the kids without having to go outside. The White Villas bedrooms are spacious, with wide sliding doors that allow early risers to catch the first glimpse of the sun over beautiful the ocean views.

Adding a second floor also meant offering a terrasse with an ocean view. This area is spacious enough for a morning yoga routine, sunset drinks, sunrise coffee or just a private escape when or if you need some alone time. You can also safely bring the children up there.

And we can’t write about design and not consider the kitchen. After all, in any home, it’s where everyone groups, conversations linger, families lovingly cook and most people just hang out. We wanted our kitchens to be fabulous and functional and hearing guests say they wish they had our kitchens back home, means we’ve done a good job. Our kitchens are spacious and fully-equipped.The counter is huge, we have a nice BBQ and any cooking tool you might want or need.

With Christmas, Coconut palms and bright, colorful bougainvillea, our White Villas offer lush surroundings, open spaces and comfortable, contemporary design for an ideal vacation setting.

Looking for the perfect providenciales vacation rental? White Villas has you covered! We offer a wide variety of luxurious villas to choose from, all located in the most desirable spots on the island. Whether you’re looking for a beachfront villa, a secluded hideaway, or something in between, we have the perfect place for you. Contact us today to start planning your dream vacation!

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Move in for a week, and see why we love it so much down here. 😉

Simon, Pina and Max

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