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Itching to go on holiday? 

Turks and Caicos is safe, open and waiting with open arms

As fall settles in, daylight is getting shorter, temperatures colder and you’re probably already tired of back-to-school, non-stop Covid news and trying to figure out how to find some normalcy in all of this. 

We’ve received a slew of questions from travellers that need hope and want to plan some travel over the next weeks and months. We thought we’d share some of the main concerns, here with you, so you can also assess whether or not you’ll be packing sunscreen and flip-flops anytime soon.

Is Turks and Caicos even open?

Yes! Our government opened its borders on July 22, with a smart protocol that makes sure healthy travellers are coming to the island. With resorts and hotels all set to reopen very soon,  this means more visitors and that all services will be operating in good order. But you don’t need to worry about that, if you’re staying in a private villa.  

These familles have stayed with us since the reopening. Read their reviews!

What about the airport?

If you’ve seen recent photos of airports around the world, you know there are few crowds, line-ups or waiting. Airports were among the first public installations to set-up full protocol. After all, safety is their thing! So what should you expect at our airport? Fast, efficient service and a feeling that you’re in capable, secure hands. 

Worried about flying? We were, too. Fortunately, studies, like this one conducted by the US Military, are proving airplanes are much safer than we think.

What if you get sick? 

In our context, the chances of getting sick are very low. First, you will have tested a few days prior to getting on the plane. Then, the flight staff will be extra careful. Their business is getting you safely from point A to B. Then, you’ll fly into a clean, quiet airport. Finally, you’ll check in to your private villa where we’ll have carefully disinfected and prepared your arrival. It’ll just be you and your immediate family. The same people you see and socialize with back home. 

All travellers must fly in with proper insurance. Thankfully, insurance companies are finally on board and providing Covid coverage for complete peace of mind with several airlines actually offering Covid insurance with their tickets. 

Island protocol

By now, most businesses have had time to adjust to the new normal. As permanent residents, we’ve done our homework, gone around the island, identified the best spots to hang out and will help guide you to the right places. It’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure all our visitors, and locals, remain healthy.

Food : where will we eat and under what conditions 

Grocery stores and restaurants are open, with all the necessary protocol you’re probably already used to back home. You’ll be well served and well fed anywhere you go. And if you’d like to keep things private, shop and bring everything back to your villa. 


Afraid there’ll be nothing to do? No worries. Activities are all up and running. Here’s a reminder of a few fun things you can plan to do on trip. Everyone on the island depends on tourism, which means we’re extra happy to have you visit and super intent on making sure you have an extraordinary time. 

In our case, the most popular activity with guests staying at our villa is by far, our private boat tour. A fabulous time spent out on the water, on your own, with Simon, your captain. You’re outdoors, with plenty of fresh air, open space and room to sit where you feel comfortable.  

We know it’s stressful to think about travel. We also know getting away can be extremely beneficial for your mind and soul. If you can do so, we’re here. And if you have any questions or concerns on any detail that’s keeping you from booking, let us know. We’re here to provide honest feedback so you can make the most enlightened decision for you and your family.

Simon, Pina and Max

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