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White Villas introduces new private chef services

Chef at White Villas

Guests can now enjoy a variety of in-villa dining experiences with an on-site chef that cooks in your very own kitchen.

Imagine the most exquisite meal, served in the privacy of your villa, planned and prepared just for you. Now imagine, the artist behind this spread. Talented chef Aki has delighted guests at the Four Seasons, the One and Only and Cunard and Seaborn luxury cruises, among others, with his many culinary creations. Working along-side 3-star Michelin chef Thomas Kellar, the talented young chef developed the instinct and know-how to make any meal memorable. And we’re thrilled to have him on board.

Easy and exquisite

If you’ve read any of our blog posts, you know that we’re all about making things simple. In an effort to offer a luxurious all-inclusive vibe, we’ve added a new chef service that simplifies mealtimes, while never having to leave the private, posh setting you’ve chosen for your  accommodation. Isn’t it relaxing and refreshing when all that’s required is showing up, enjoying the experience and eating at your own speed ?

A fun feast for the whole family

A villa chef is much more than the luxury of not cooking. We’ve hired a chef that’s friendly, entertaining and excited to cook for you.  Peek into the kitchen for a glimpse of the magic, enjoy the aromas of fresh home cooking and connect and converse with a talented artist who’s got loads of recipes up his sleeve.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or all

There are many ways Aki can cook for you during your vacation. The most important thing is planning and booking ahead, so he’s available, when you want him. 

Perhaps you’re looking for an all-inclusive vibe and want all meals prepared for your group. Great. It’s doable. You may want a delicious family-style treat for a special occasion. Also great. Some might enjoy a hardy brunch where everyone can eat at their own pace, you can enjoy the pool and sit leisurely around the table for hours. That’s also possible. 

There’s also the active families who explore all day and come home tired, wanting a fantastic dinner. A planned meal you can enjoy caps the day nicely and gives you time to rest before heading over to your private dining venue.

Your vacation, your whim

You may have guessed that anything and everything is possible by now. Menus are incredibly varied and creative—from Indian to Creole, to Italian to Barbecue and much more—allergies or special dietary requirements can be taken into account and little stomachs can be nicely filled with fresh, local produce. 

In a nutshell, Aki’s services allow you to enjoy the finest food, an assortment of flavours and culinary styles, plus a lively chef for roughly half the price of outsourced chefs around the island. 

The math is simple: our intimate White Villas collection has the right volume to justify having a chef for their own guests. However, with 21 meals per week, and 6 families visiting us at any given time, we encourage you to heed guest Tiffany’s advice: “We used Aki for 3 days and he is gifted. I wish we could have booked him every night, but he was so busy. If you are interested in chef services, don’t wait until you arrive because you might miss out on an amazing experience.”  Book online, in advance, and we promise you won’t be disappointed, or hungry!


Simon, Pina and Max

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