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White Villas – now 8 rental houses on Long Bay Beach

With the addition of 4 stunning new houses, White Villas can now accommodate families and groups, from 4 to 40 guests, in a safe, secluded, fun-packed environment.

When we moved to the Turks and Caicos and set out to build our While Villas collection back in 2015, we could already envision our lot evolving into a cozy neighborhood, with a micro-resort-type feel with all the services and comfort travellers could want and need. Though planned and anticipated, it grew with the support of guest comments that helped us truly create what they wanted.

In our experience, travellers that shop rental homes want 1 of 2 things, sometimes both: the intimate, soothing feeling of isolation and the feeling of safety when you’re surrounded with like-minded individuals in comfortable proximity. White Villas has managed to deliver both. Set on a 4-acre spread of land and only a 3-minute stroll to Long Bay Beach, the White Villas rental homes offer a unique arrangement of luxury accommodations, close enough to feel like a micro-community, yet private enough to keep to yourselves. The best of both worlds.

While the pandemic temporarily reduced visitors on our island, we were busy breaking ground and building. For us, 2020 meant building 4 new rental homes: 2 floor-level studios and 2 additional 2 bedroom villas. With these additions, we can now host families that want to vacation together, but also need their own personal space and bubble.

Travel with friends and family, while preserving your own private space

As much as we love our friends and family, we also love the idea of travelling together, without having to share kitchens, bathrooms, pools and over cramped accommodations. Especially now.

The White Villas collection fulfills this need perfectly. Here, every family unit can book their own rental house, be close to their travel companions, enjoy private together-time in gorgeous outdoor settings, with everyone having the option to go back to the comfort of their own space, whenever they feel like it. Less vigilance, more rest and relaxation.

For example, if 2 or 3 families need 4, 5 or 6 bedrooms, we now offer many options:
Perhaps two or three 2-bedroom villas OR one 3-bedroom villa, plus a studio? By varying lodging capacity and design tweaks, our combined 8 villas can now easily accommodate all types of groups.

Services you love to share, space you want to keep to yourself

Because we personally manage our villa collection, we’ve been able to create competitively priced off-site services, with complimentary on-site amenities that everyone can enjoy.

For example, all guests of White Villas can enjoy our modern out-door gym and playground, movie nights under the stars, umbrellas and chairs for the beach, our very own boat tours, rental car services, sea-doos rentals and even our personal “Celebrate with us” event planning that curates and hires local suppliers for birthdays, anniversaries and any other milestone that’s meaningful to you. White Villas is indeed Much more than a villa.

outdoor playground White Villas

Bright, beautiful studios and villas

In a previous blog post, we told you how we designed vacation villas that feel like home. Every one of our accommodations is built with comfort, convenience and beauty in mind.

The great part about a project that evolves over time, is the ability to get concrete feedback from our guests and then adjust as we continue to create what suits them best. Our first villas were popular, pleasant and suitable for the many families that visited our site.

We then added villas that came with a pool-side annexe (studio), so couples could enjoy a little more privacy with a room on their own, separate from the main building. This addition was highly appreciated by grand-parents and older teens.

We’ve come across parties that prefer a single-level rental house and this is where our newest additions come in. Our 2-bedroom floor level villas and studios were designed with the same indoor/outdoor living concept, identical wide garage doors that are used to create the breezy, ocean vibe people enjoy when on holiday, the same great pool design, lush landscaping and their own entrance. Plus, we’ve added a feature that takes outdoor living to another level: the private, outdoor showers.

Travel has shifted and we’ve adjusted. Consider the Turks and Caicos, Long Bay Beach and White Villas for your next family getaway.

Simon, Pina and Max

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