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Eco Tours in the Turks and Caicos

You love jetskiing, boating and other exciting water activities, but you’d also like to visit in a slower, less invasive way. Good news, on Providenciales you can do it all !

It’s simple really: the Turks and Caicos are environmentally extraordinary. The perfectly chosen tagline ‘Beautiful by nature’ is by no means a stretch. Everywhere you look and everything you see will most likely be stunning.

Whether you’re inspired by beaches, wetlands or lush landscapes, you’ll be well served. So how does one explore such a beautiful destination with the respect and careful attention it deserves?

Let’s explore the many ways.

Walk, cycle or paddle TCI

Beach walks

This may seem like a no-brainer, but with so many beaches, you can choose to walk water-front every single day. And with the softest sand, and turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, you’ll never be bored, uncomfortable or disturbing. Consider it low impact with loads of benefits.

walk in the sand Turks and Caicos

Bikes and hikes

First, you should know that if you’re staying with us, we have 4 bicycles for ages 10+that you can use to head out to the marina. Families enjoy peddling the roughly 4-mile round trip journey on a paved road. And if you’d like a second outing, the newly paved Venetian road is quiet and equally enjoyable.

If you’re hikers and looking for the perfect spot, you’ll want to head out to the eastern side of Providenciales and walk Bird Rock Trail. It’s the only official hiking trail on the island.

If hiking is your main activity, you may want to venture out to North Caicos and Middle Caicos where eco hiking and cycling are most appreciated. It’ll take a bit of traveling but expect countless secluded coastlines and miles of roads.

If you’re planning on heading out, you’ll also want to know that the most visited hiking trail in the Turks and Caicos is the scenic Crossing Place Trail on Middle Caicos. Iconic ceramic trail markers can be seen along much of this section of the route. Some want the road most traveled, while others go the opposite way. Know that in the Turks and Caicos, you can have either or.

Bicycle and Sea

Running on Providenciales

Runners (or cyclists) will also be well served with Providenciales scenic wetland cycling or running route. On the extended drive out to West Harbour Bluff, you pass through the wetlands of Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve. This remote area of Providenciales hides breathtaking coastal scenes, historical traces spanning more than 600 years, a natural salt flat, plus several secluded beaches.

Paddle through the Wetlands

The Turks and Caicos mangroves (or wetlands) are perfect for kayaking and SUP (stand up paddle boarding). They offer a lush, leisurely setting for discovery and admiring nature’s uncanny ability to self-preserve.

The Big Blue Collective explains it as so: “Considered the ‘lungs’ of the island, they breathe new life into the unique and fragile ecosystem of the area, one tide at a time. Known for their unique, dense vegetation, mangroves help protect the shoreline, preventing erosion as the waters move in and out, and preserving the spectacular powder-soft beaches of the area for our enjoyment.”

And there’s another use. One that makes snorkeling so interesting. “Mangroves are like a ‘nursery’ for many marine species. From tiny shrimp and molluscs right through to tropical fish, the mangrove habitats of the Caribbean offer rich food sources and sheltered waters for them to grow and thrive. Threatened, endangered and rare species such as sea turtles can all be found taking shelter in this area of easy food and calm waters, making them one of the most vital ecosystems in the area.”


Birdwatchers will be thrilled to know how much variety they can expect on the island. Wading birds include flamingos, great egrets, blue herons, reddish egrets, yellow crowned night herons, tri-colored and green herons. With a bit of luck or persistence, you can spot raptors like peregrine falcons, ospreys, American kestrels, red kites, and Antillean nighthawks. Among the smaller or more unusual species, there’s the mangrove cuckoo, the Bahamas woodstar hummingbird, the majestic frigatebird, the endangered West Indian whistling duck, and the kingfisher.

bird tciIf there’s one thing we love about our island, it’s how much natural variety there is to see and do. Reconnecting with nature, in a slow, easy pace, is one of the best ways to recharge. If this is your speed, let us know.  

Simon, Pina and Max

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