Visiting Turks and Caicos with your partner

Traveling romantics are motivated by different things. While excited honeymooners are often anxious to mix and mingle while introducing the other as their spouse, other, more seasoned couples have long since discovered that just being together and slowing everything down, rekindles the spark. Still, there are active duos whose dream getaways involve lots of activities and instagram opps, but let’s not forget friends and parents who like to combine adult group travel and quality time with their partner. Regardless of your personal definition of a romantic getaway, we’re pretty sure our island has exactly what you’re looking for.

While romance is certainly experienced in many different ways, there are activities that seduce pretty much every traveler. Here are a few ideas to inspire your next Caribbean getaway for two.

Sunset cruise

There’s something magical about the sun, and watching another day set with your partner ranks among the top contemplative activities on the island. Doing so from a boat only enhances the experience. Several charter companies discreetly take you out at sunset and let nature perform its magic. Music, a toast and perfect hues only add to an already perfect set-up.

Couples on Turks and Caicos

A long beach stroll and a great bottle of wine

Enjoying a leisurely walk gives you time to catch up, connect and unwind. Sinking your toes in the sand just adds to an already wonderful activity and if you’re heading to a great spot on an starlit, outdoor patio, your evening will most assuredly end well. Leeward and Pelican beaches, from 5:00 to sunset, are ideal for this.

Head to a deserted island

What if you had access to your own little stretch of paradise, all to yourself. Sound glorious but unattainable? Not in Turks and Caicos! Private tours can be arranged where you’re dropped off on a secluded beach, equipped with a cell phone, a picnic with food and wine, plus an umbrella and beach chairs. A great way to surprise your partner and make an already fabulous vacation, even more memorable.

Sports and exhilaration

Some couples bond over a love of action and sport. What better way to spend time together than to paddle surf your way around the island. Want a shared adrenaline rush with lots to talk about? Try parasailing. Are you a more meditative duo? Private yoga classes can be arranged at your villa. And what about learning something new? Providenciales is one of THE best kitesurfing spots in the world, beginner or advanced. Give yourself a couples challenge and bring home a new shared passion. There’s many more activities you can indulge in—Sea-Doo guided tours, golf, tennis, diving, snorkeling, just to name a few. See a full list here in our sports section.

Dining in unusual settings

From shaded beach picnics under refreshing palm trees to romantic starlit dinners, Providenciales offers picturesque settings for unforgettable meals. Dining out is always fun when you can linger and enjoy each other’s company but there’s added enchantment when you can dine in an unusual setting. 

Pampering for two

Self-care always translates to feeling refreshed and renewed and, when shared as a couple, the overall effect is magical. Enjoy side-by-side, private villa massages that will leave you feeling energized and relaxed.


A pool, just for you. When you want it, they way you want it. Long, sunny days lounging in the sun, your music, your setting, your way. Late at night, warm waters and dimmed lights are perfect for moonlit skinny dips.

Providenciales and Long Bay Beach are ideal locations for couples traveling to Turks and Caicos in search of romance. Enjoy sun, sand and smiles that will add to the great memories you’ve already shared. Want to surprise someone with something extra special? Let us know. We can help plan whatever you have in mind.

We look forward to hosting you!


Simon, Pina and Max

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