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Providenciales – the perfect destination for health and wellness

Want a healthy holiday? Here’s what we’d prescribe!

Business Insider named the Turks & Caicos a top Caribbean Island destination for health fanatics, and while we’re not surprised by their listing of retreats and spas, living on the island we’ve discovered a few easy ways to refresh, renew and make your holiday a true wellness experience.

Let’s start with one simple fact: light. With over 320 sunny days per year, we have plenty of bright, sunny days, combined with fresh sea air that invigorates. Surround yourself with vivid island colors and beauty all around. Health starts with sensation, and all your senses will be delighted here.

Next on our personal list is slowing down, which isn’t hard to do when you’re on an island. Afternoons tend to stretch out, everything is a tad unhurried and, with nowhere to be but wherever you are, it’s always delightful. Let nature set the clock, rise with the rosy, relaxing sun, nap under warm, balmy afternoons, then enjoy re-energizing night air. Whatever you’re doing, breathe deeper, relax your pace and enjoy.

Did that last sentence sound like a yoga class? If you practice regularly, it just might. Our villas have mats so you can indulge in sun salutations anytime you want, or simply stay on the ground for some soothing yin, a restorative stretching or a nice, long savasana.  Want to try yoga while on holiday? There’s a great spot downtown, or you can have an instructor come by the villa for a private class. However you like your yoga, you’ll find the right combination, right here on Provo.

Photo credit: Retreat TCI

Now, about that yoga spot downtown called Retreat, right next to the amazing Retreat Kitchen, one of our island’s go-to spots for delicious healthy eats. You can read more about it in this post we put together regarding food and drink on Providenciales. Want fresh fruit? There’s plenty at the IGA Gourmet. You can also buy nourishing smoothies and various juices for only $6, a great price for TCI.

Photo credit: Retreat Kitchen TCI

Need to burn some energy? You can always walk, run, hit the gym, play tennis or head to the golf course, if that’s your pleasure. We, however, are BIG fans of the water. Especially the water off Provo. Have you seen it?

Want a challenging upper body workout? Try your hand at kiteboarding, paddle board for miles, or simply swim in the crystal clear water. You can also surf, wakeboard, ZUP board, Subwing snorkel, and jump off an old pirate ship. You won’t grow short of inspiration for water workouts in Turks and Caicos.

You can also dive or free-dive, which combines the relaxation of deep, long breaths while also keeping you active. Both meditative and magic, diving is one of the island’s more popular activities.

Now, here’s what we’re working on at White Villas! By next year, we’ll have an outdoor exercise/playground where both grown-ups and kids can play. Want additional motivation? We’ll have a professional trainer come by twice weekly to help you get the most out of it. We’re also building  a pickleball court and, because pleasure is such an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, outdoor movies and local musicians will also be added to our offerings.

Hope to see you soon!


Simon, Pina and Max

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