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Teaming up to showcase the Turks and Caicos

White Villas has proudly joined the Turks and Caicos Tourism Board as a collaborator that provides useful travel destination information for future guests.

If you can get a good idea of a destination, just by visiting its website, you’ll be pleased with everything that’s provided on Here, first-timers can easily discover all of the reasons why choosing the TCI is always a great decision. Our cluster of islands has much to offer and our local officials work hard to make sure travellers are informed, delighted and treated with utmost care.  


As villa owners who believe in creating useful content for our future visitors, we recently joined the Tourism Board’s efforts in promoting our island’s bounties. Since then, we’ve published the following 4 blog articles: 

Think you know the Turks and Caicos? Take the test.

Instead of simply listing fun facts about our destination, we decided to turn it into a game where returning guests could test their knowledge and first-timers could learn things they possibly couldn’t imagine about Turks. If you’re curious, take it yourself and let us know how you make out. 

You may or may not know that Turks and Caicos is a rent-your-own-vehicle-and-drive-around type of destination. Because travellers mostly rent out villas and condos, you don’t have that all-inclusive vibe where everything is pre-packaged. Families that come here love to venture out, control their own schedules and design the kinds of days that work for them. This means driving yourself around. To make it easier (and fun!) White Villas created a 2-day driving itinerary that helps visitors hit all the best spots. With detailed descriptions, clear travel distances and even personal recommendations, this document has been hailed as super useful. 

Is Turks and Caicos right for you? Click on the link and find out. In this article we talk about the things that can be deal breakers for many: the beach, style, proximity, activities, weather, food, safety, and more. Sure, we’d love you to choose us. But we also want to make sure we’re a great fit. Consult the article and see how many boxes you can tick off your checklist. 

By now, you’ve probably realized we’re convinced our destination is pretty amazing. Did we also tell you how convenient it is ?  Our latest contribution to the Turks and Caicos Tourism Board’s site is all about how simple it is to come to the TCI. Especially now. If you’re itching for a getaway, longing to lay back and dreaming of the perfect setting, you’ve just found it. We know it’s probably been a while since you got out and we’d love to be the first to have you over. 

We’ll be contributing to the Tourism Board’s site on a regular basis so please feel free to tell us what subjects you’d like to read about.

Simon, Pina and Max

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