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Want to travel with your kin and still feel pandemic safe? Here are a few things to consider.

If anything, Covid-19 has made us all redefine the word safety. While local crime rates, natural dangers and access to emergency medical care were once main concerns among international travellers, the worldwide pandemic has taken center stage and changed the way we evaluate prospective holiday options.

So does this mean people are no longer travelling? From experience, we can tell you “no”. It just means the decision-making process is more rigorous and certain factors suddenly supersede what used to be appealing. Rental homes, for example, have become increasingly popular. The perfect set-up for privacy and pleasure, they provide a sense of security you just can’t replicate in a resort.

Here are a few things you might want to consider when booking your next getaway:


If you’re eyeing a Caribbean vacation, you’re going to have to get on a plane, or two. If you’ve read recent news, airports and flights are reported to be safe and you shouldn’t be too concerned by this. You may, however, want to choose a flight that’s not too long or a trip with too many connections. Look for destinations with easy access, yet rigid protocol for people coming into the country. It may seem restricting at first, but you’ll be sure the destination is curated and ultimately feel more comfortable.


Some places are still popular. Too popular! In times when social distancing is recommended, you’re going to want your space and your own things. No sharing. A rental home is ideal for this. You’re in your own bubble, with your people, in a comfortable, fully-equipped setting where you won’t lack for anything. And when you do head out, you won’t be in a high-density population where you’re constantly trying to protect your space. Spacious beaches, fresh air, time out on the water, it’s all perfect to get away, from home and from other travellers.


Some rental homes are just a roof, a bed and a shower. But if the point is to provide a fun environment where your family won’t feel confined, you’re going to want a more all-inclusive experience, without the all-inclusive crowd. This is where we come in, and the experience we offer is unique: a home rental, with the option to book boat tours, jet skis, meals, movies, a vehicle, a private celebration, a massage or anything else that would make your vacation spectacular. Sounds like a million-dollar holiday only the very wealthy could afford? You’ll be surprised. Our mission was to create an affordable family villa vacation, with resort benefits that you won’t find anywhere else on the island. Our slogan is “Much More than a Villa” and that’s exactly what we offer!

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